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    WWYD - (or maybe what would you NOT do)

    I think most top 1P players are the favorite shooting on an open table like that, so I still think it was a good shot. He probably should have hit harder to push more balls over to his side!
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    WWYD - (or maybe what would you NOT do)

    Haven't looked at replies yet, but that 14 looks awful close to dead. Cue firm off the 12 into the 4 with a bit of follow.
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    WWYD - Two top 1p movers battle it out

    I haven't looked at the replies yet, but I'm pretty sure I'd shoot the 5-railer on the 9 with enough follow to get down near his hole.
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    Official Entry Thread for 2022 Member's Tourney @ Q-Masters

    Paid. Not sure that I can make it that week, but if I can't I'll donate to the pot. Also, I need 1 more ball from everyone than I did before Covid.
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    Members Only Tournament: date & location nominations

    All the nominees are great places. But I especially like the idea of supporting someone who just jumped into the room owner business. No easy feat at any time, but especially in February 2021. I think the answer is yes, but are 16 9' tables available here? If so, that's my vote!
  6. C Mini in Nola

    So when is this? 5/29? 6/14? I haven't played 1P in a year, so might be past due!
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    Danny DiLiberto needs help

    Me too. PM paypal details.
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    Tall Jeff

    That looks awesome! One of my laments is that you really can't get that kind of food in the DC area. There's some decent Mexican, which is good but is not Tex-Mex. Alas, it seems no purveyors of authentic Tex-Mex have made there way here. Chicago has some good Tex-Mex, but not here. For...
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    Tall Jeff

    It's possible that I need to go to San Antonio and have a real puffy taco. Sorry if I led you astray! The original location Los Tios on Bissonnet & Fondren closed, so Meyerland is probably the next oldest and near where I grew up. I still love it when I'm back in Houston, but I may be confusing...
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    Tall Jeff

    That's more of a queso, but you can get taco stuff inside one. In looking for that picture, I found an article about puffy tacos in Houston.
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    Tall Jeff

    1. You can get puffy tacos in Houston. Los Tios has them, but they're all on the southwest side of town. I've never found them anywhere else, and I miss them. But Los Tios is much less fun than a road trip. 2. I hope Bananas is able to come back. I...
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    John Schmidt vs. the One Pocket Ghost

    Thanks for sharing. Let's just hope certain AZ Billiards folks don't notice that, as there are now about 1m posts affirming and disputing John's accomplishments.
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    Especially #3! I hope the Ghost is well and returns soon.
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    Hah, sorry. I thought I did post about Rick & Bananas back when I got back from San Antonio in November 2018, but I can't find it from a quick search. I owe you a beer.
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    Bananas in San Antonio? The owner is a strong player, nice guy, and likes to wager.