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    Wwyd you need them both.

    Great shot whitey. I like the rail first vs hitting the 5 first into the rail and then pocketing the 4, nice call for all who liked it.
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    I have been impressed almost anytime I have seen Al-Shaheen play (in person and on video). I am surprised with his ball-striking ability and looks to be decent knowledge and moving skills that he is not a top 10 or 15 player.
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    Dumb Question #1

    I've always played spot 2 and go to 9-7 also for an 11-7 spot. In my experience, when you go over 8 balls, whatever the game/spot is, you try to have the least amount of pennies (balls to spot) involved to get the total back to 16 balls.
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    Challenge Matches

    updated (and stickied) let me know if I am missing any 2020 or newer or if any of the info is wrong. Thanks!
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    Chohan vs Gorst Banks - 2022 DCC

    Thanks Whitey, I just post them if I see them in one of my subscribed YouTube channels if they haven't been posted already, but I appreciate it all the same! :)
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    High Stakes One Pocket Tournament-$10,000 Added-5,000 Entry-September 15-18th Action Palace in Dayton, Ohio.

    Wow, kind of surprised Dee got in, I didn't think he was really playing as much any more. However, it is close to his home though and if he gets in gear, he can run some balls for sure... good luck!
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    I actually would have probably taken Chip if this was announced a few months ago. But after seeing how well these ball strikers are doing coming up in one pocket, I think I should know better now. I am super excited that SVB is getting in the ring though, he is too good not to be a part of this...
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    Wwyd you need them both.

    I like playing the 5 ball into the 4 and make the combo. Use some RHE and go 3 rails back out to make the 5 next.
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    Frost vs Orcollo - $200,000 One Pocket Match Video

    lol but dang that first look by dennis is brutal...
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    Frost vs Orcollo - $200,000 One Pocket Match Video

    You can speed it up so it plays at 1.5x speed if you like (or a different speed). In the Youtube player, click on the gear icon (settings) at the bottom and click playback speed and then scroll up or down depending on how slow or fast you want it to play.
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    Frost vs Orcollo - $200,000 One Pocket Match Video

    Thanks Lenny, subscribed a long time ago! :)
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    2022 Top 10

    I like Tony as well, but Fedor is hot right now. I would love to see it!
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    2022 Top 10

    doh! missed him! Although I do have him falling...I am taking Dennis out of my list... Alex Fedor Tony Filler SVB Chip Gomez Frost Lunda Josh Probably should remove Filler too since he really hasnt had any matches but as one of the best ball strikers out there, I am surer he will be up there...