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    WWYD? #8911

    This was Chohan vs Reyes and Tony just made a good shot and was playing more defensive minded getting the ball back to the head rail and doubling Efren up to his pocket. He played a perfect CB doubling Efren up but ended up making the ball in his hole so he had to shoot again and this WWYD was...
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    Happy Birthday Matt Hilton!

    Happy Birthday bro, enjoy your day!!
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    WWYD? #8911

    The first shot I saw was all the 1 and carom into the high side of the 12 to knock it away. I feel the 1 is close enough to the 12 for decent accuracy.
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    WWYD? #8911

    I'm not used to rolling off my long rail but I don't mind this..
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    Another attempt at a wwyd

    looking at it again, you may be right on the dbl kiss being there. I think now I like shooting into the left side of the 8 so that it hits the long rail and then the left side of the 5, sending both balls towards your side and then playing the CB 2 rails back up table behind the one.
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    WWYD 38 - congestion near your pocket

    Oh I definitely do! But I also have to call it like I see it, and as you see I called it right. :)
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    Derby 2022

    Good luck to anyone playing! Keep us updated and post some more pics! :)
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    WWYD? #8911

    Your pocket is bottom left. You lead in score 2 balls to 0 Your shot, WWYD? Another yet similar view:
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    Another attempt at a wwyd

    probably not the popular shot but I like rolling the CB at the 8 ball to bank it past the 5, off the foot rail then back up a little bit. The CB to side rail then resting on foot rail. I am just trying to get to next inning and hope I see something better. If I am playing cheap or for fun I...
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    Midwest Open Billiard Championship 19,000 Added March 15-20, 2022

    Was up there on Monday meeting with Michael and I had to get a pic of the plaque/poem for Steve. He has it in this display case with some trophies: I think Dennis Cowboy made it or gave it to him?
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    Happy Birthday Chris (catkins)!

    Hope you enjoy your day and are able to hit some balls! Looking forward to meeting you again and playing some one hole! :)
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    WWYD 38 - congestion near your pocket

    I don't think you can get enough of the 12 off the 3 to make it. With extreme 3 o'clock as Rod pointed out will get you the closest, but to my eye it looks like the 12 hits the short rail
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    Frost vs SVB -- 2015 MIH

    If you haven't see it yet:
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    Chohan vs Reyes -- 2016 MIH

    If you haven't seen it yet: