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    How is 1P played where you play/watch: Keep shooting or re-rack on a ball made on the break?

    I play with a few guys where we just spot the ball and breaker sits. We dot his because we like action and don't want to waste time reracking.
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    Updating of our One Pocket rules

    Agreed whole ball.... I even keep dental floss to string it out when playing for 300 or more a game
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    WWYD Romero vs McKay

    I lost a key game to Brandon Shuff leaving a 2 ball combo near his hole. I for some reason always pay attention to those ever since. I guess I am a nit in my old age now.
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    WWYD Romero vs McKay

    I am just taking an intentional and freezing cue ball directly to 10 ball. He is either going to spot some balls with me fouling back and forth or I am getting a shot at taking out his balls and clearing his hole.
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    Shoot the 5 ball in the side pocket so it spots on the 4 ball and draw back to the same spot
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    Nice shot whitey
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    Happy Birthday, Warren Ruth

    Happy birthday songbird!
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    3 rail kick one pocket

    You realize 15 balls are on the table not just one? Am I missing something?
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    Boiling Frogs

    Agreed... anyone that is a 700 fargo is going to be tough action... unless they hate money
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    Boiling Frogs

    I was definitely the frog at one point. These days I dont think anyone could hide their game enough to where I was the frog.
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    How good was/is Rob Melrose?

    This! I can't agree with this more.
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    I'm Ready

    I will take 9 7 for 1k a game.
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    WWYD multiple layouts for Gorst

    I agree 100% with this. I dont always take the time to see this unless I am playing a slow player.
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    Also the addition of the Facebook site.