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    My guess would be yes. Very clever!
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    Calling Out all St. Louis, Mo One Pocket players.

    Hello Ronn, I will play. We played several times in the early 90's in Golden 8-ball. We had some good rotation battles, never 1 pocket. Jay 314-277-6180. Text me anytime. Thanks
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    2022 Fall Regional Tournament - Memphis - November 4-6

    Lol, Need some weight JT!
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    WWYD here?

    4-1 is not bad, put the 3 on my side try to wedge under the 13.
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    GOAT in the house!

    Thank you! I was surprised. lol
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    GOAT in the house!

    Thanks Jimmy. Made a few mistakes, but i was happy with performance.
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    GOAT in the house!

    No one pocket planned but playing some with Fedor Gorst tonight. Pretty good week.
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    GOAT in the house!

    Well it was fun.. I got back to Efren again and played well, however, he beat me 3-2 in the finals. His cue ball control is sick.
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    GOAT in the house!

    The spots were negotiated at the start of each match between the players. Efren gave me 10-7 and beat me 3-1. I won the first game 7 to -1 then had him 4-0 in the second. After a twist back, long rail bank and a 10 & out, he took over. Hopefully get my rematch tonight.
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    GOAT in the house!

    Playing in an 8 man handicapped 1p tournament with none other.
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    Danny D may be in the Championship rounds!

    I was at Golden 8ball in Phoenix for the Danny/ Ronnie match! Awesome stuff! Get well Danny.
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    MOT report

    Enjoyed meeting you Ben. Your game is very strong. Hope to do it again. Jay
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    Derby 2022

    I am planning on going for the duration. Jay
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    Mkbtank quick Trip report

    Mitch, enjoyed meeting you and good playing. See you next time! Jay
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    Just home to St. Louis. it was nice to meet everyone and thank you all for running a good tournament. See you again! Jay