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    Fremont California One Pocket

    It was a very nice event and as we all know Chris Swart is a classy room owner who treats the players very well. I got knocked out sunday morning at 1:30 AM way past my bedtime in the 9/12 slot. I believe the young Vietnamese player from Sacramento won and he can play. He is a great ball striker...
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    Efren's knowledge

    The great players of yesteryear all played every game available. Except for Ronnie Allen who was pretty much a one pocket specialist, Ed Kelly, Boston Shorty, Marvin and Jersey Red played 3C, nine ball, 14.1, snooker and banks. Efren plays everything top shelf so I'd expect him to learn quickly...
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    Fremont California One Pocket

    Heading to Fremont Ca. this weekend for their monthly event. What's different this month is that about $1800 is added with a $30 entry. Chris Swart (owner) sponsered our Members Event a few years back and we all had a good time there. The Pilot beat me out for 1st and the live stream was POV...
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    In todays rules if the balls are frozen then push through it and score the object ball. I don't like it but them are the new rules.
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    To the Chicago Members: Ike Runnels v. Richie Richeson 2022: Who you like?

    To me it's about the bet. Richie is used to playing for three zeros more than Ike. There is no doubt Richie has played all the champs and win or lose he plays hard. I give the edge to RR.
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    Thought process

    When you know a players game, you can predict how the game will go, so I think about being consistent and playing to my strengths and his weaknesses. In tournament play, it's different. Usually you don't know how the other fellow plays. So in these situations, I think about just playing...
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    Simultaneous pocketing

    Our rules (getting me started again) say that only one ball has to hit a rail on the break shot. I hate this rule and will always oppose it. The cueball must hit a rail or at least two object balls hit a rail or else you'll get the soft breaks and create long-------------long games. Which is why...
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    Cochran's and Palace Billiards

    I was an LA guy but those weekend roadies to San Fran were a lot of fun. In Oakland I went into a pool room with Ron Conley, my first road partner, and we went up the stairs to the room and on the left it was a mexican players pool room and on the right an black players room? I think it was on...
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    Steve Cook/ Rafael Martinez

    I played Steve Cook in LA around 1973 or so. I quit him pretty quick. Does anyone know how or the circumstances of his passing. Was he in poor health? What a player.
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    WWYD? -- #91005

    Kick short rail short rail toward his pocket. Lots of room for a margin of error. Should be able to pull it off pretty easily. Mr. 3C had a similiar idea off the ball and I would expect a billiards player to shoot that shot. it works for him but a pool player would have trouble executing it.
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    WWYD? #81,544

    I think that sometimes players are looking for the shot that scores. In this situation I'd bank the 13 ball into those two balls, the 3 and 7 closest to my pocket. I can hold the cue ball along the rail and my opponent will not have a shot at his hole and I can get some good action going towards...
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    Cochran's and Palace Billiards

    Cochrans and the Palace were the "Cats Meow." I made several trips up there starting in 1967 alone and later with Hawaiian Brian and Ron Conley. I played Joe Smiley at Cochrans geting the call 8 on a 41/2 X 9 and won and he moved me over to the 10 footer with dead rails (ala Frank the Barbers...
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    WWYD End Game

    Tiki both balls over to your side.
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    WWYD here?

    Get the thirteen out of there BUT make sure you stick the cueball on the rail.The game is early and with him on the rail it'll be pretty hard not to leave you something.
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    Pick your favorite 1P match

    Baby Huey vs the Pilot on POV Pool.