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    San Francisco, May 1962 One Pocket!

    Does anyone have access to the players list? The article says nineteen players? I know that Jack Perkins played in it and I'm curious if Glenn Womack (Eufala Kid) also played. He's rarely mentioned but he could play if not binging or outright drunk.
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    Baby Huey

    Thanks all for the kind words. I got through surgery but I'm definitely sidelined. I'm on all kinds of beta blockers, stool softeners and a few other unmentionables. I quit smoking 4 weeks prior to surgery and I glad I did. I'm just at home following directions, with light exercise and trying to...
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    San Francisco, May 1962 One Pocket!

    Who won? Junior Allen. That tournament put his skills on the map.
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    Dammit, I can't make it this year. I was hoping for the October date. You guys have a good time.
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    John Henderson

    I reently spoke with our colleague and friend. John gave me approval to share some of his medical problems with you guys. John has had a bout with cancer and needed spinal surgery and other interventions. He is currently in a nursing facility receiving physical therapy and is beginning his road...
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    Updating of our One Pocket rules

    Thx Whitey for bringing up my comments re: how many balls must touch a rail on the break. My purpose for bringing this up is solely to speed up the game. We have agonized for years on ways to speed up the game and when only one object ball, let's say, touches a rail the rack is completely...
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    Updating of our One Pocket rules

    I think that at least the cueball and/or two or more object balls should touch a rail on the break. This prevents just hitting the head ball and sending one object ball to a rail. This will speed up the game. It would be a foul or "no legal break" and should be reracked and break again. This is...
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    End game Wwyd for the cash

    Beatle, your shot looks easier to execute. I like it.
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    The strength of the, 'Straight follow-thru stroke.'

    Many great Mexican players used a piece of chaulk in their stroking hand held by the small and ring fingers. This may have acheived something similiar to Mr. 3C. If you think about the nerve innervation occurs through the thumb and index finger which is mostly where we get the touch needed as in...
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    Condensed matches, what do you think?

    I like the drama of a big time shot that takes time to amp up to shooting it. The T-Rex shot in game 87 with Dennis is an example of this. Mostly though the shots are pretty predictable and you don't need the delay added to the time it takes to watch the match.
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    Earliest non 14.1 major tournament?

    There was a One Pocket Tournament in 1961 at Cochrans in San Fran in which Ronnie Alen won. The field was pretty sporty with Jack Perkins, Eufala Kid, Marvin Henderson and San Jose Dick to name a few and many more. I'm pretty sure the first place was $1000 but I could not find a reord of the...
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    Matching-up choice

    Just because you beat someone even doesn't mean you can give him weight. Giving up the break is a problem from the outset in that where do you go from there if you win? Ball weight is much better cause you can adjust. I often said when playing even you have to beat your opponent by at least 8/7...
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    WWYD - Chohan vs. Filler

    My bad Doc.
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    WWYD - Chohan vs. Filler

    This is a classic nine ball safety shot. Hit the five thin opening up those balls and go two rails behind the 8/14 balls on your side rail.
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    Tall Jeff

    I first met Tall Jeff in Orange County Ca, over 40 years ago. We played a set for $50 five ahead. He won the flip and ran the set out. What a great stroke and break he possessed back then. I remember watching him play a lot in OC back then and what a MONSTER he was on the bar table. I never saw...