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    2022 MOT Q-Masters, Virginia Beach

    See that was a nice post up until the guilty conscience part. You guys just can’t say nice shooting and that be the end of it , it’s always got to be an issue. I never once complained about the single elimination finals. I simply shook Jim’s hand said nice shooting and went about my business. I...
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    2022 MOT Q-Masters, Virginia Beach

    A sneaky good pro looking to grab easy money from our members? Was about one of your regular members? I don’t think so. If I misinterpreted I apologize but I love the game of one pocket and I’m kind of sick and tired of hearing people complain about me trying to play in a one pocket tournament...
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    2022 MOT Q-Masters, Virginia Beach

    I heard all the noise before the tournament believe me I know who they’re talking about
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    2022 MOT Q-Masters, Virginia Beach

    I’m not a “sneaky good pro”. Nor was I looking to grab some easy money. I enjoy the game and I enjoy the competition.
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    Tournament in Va

    What an awesome venue and awesome people! It was a pleasure to see old friends and meet new ones. Until next time. Cheers!
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    wwyd in this scenario!

    Attempt to shoot the cue ball into the pocket past the object ball with a medium to slow speed. They will wedge and both back out four or 5 inches from the pocket and he will have no shot.
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    To the Chicago Members: Ike Runnels v. Richie Richeson 2022: Who you like?

    I have played them both. I think it would be a very close match. Richie in his prime would win but now I think Ike may have the advantage at least the last time I saw Richie play.
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    WWYD shot after the break

    I actually see three or four options. Obviously coming off the six and underneath and behind the two. Also shooting the 11 straight as it lays firm underneath of two and rolling the cue ball down underneath the two. also banking the 13 firm clearing possibly the five and sticking the cue ball on...
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    WWYD Caveat

    I see a lot of the WWYD posts and I think they are pretty cool. One thing that I don’t see talked about a lot is probably one of the most important considerations when thinking about your next shot. And that is the level of your opponent. For example if your opponent is not great at ball...
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    Did he go, Rail first or Ball first?

    Well because it is impossible for a ball to be cut more than 90°. Therefore he had to go rail first.
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    Something for you guys to try that may help.

    I am cross eye dominant. I am right-handed but left eye dominant. I recently slightly opened up my stance to a more snooker style stance. I feel like I am seeing much better. For those of you cross eyed dominant you may want to give it a try to see if it helps. You are never too old to learn.
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    Did he go, Rail first or Ball first?

    Physics would dictate it had to be rail first
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    WWYD? -- #91005

    I think I would bank the 12 away and freeze the cue ball
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    Best format for one pocket

    Some people suggest that similar to the mini tours in golf that the players supply the prize fund. For example maybe a $2500 entry fee with 100 players would be $250,000 prize pool. Unfortunately in one pocket there are not that many players that are going to pay that kind of money. I think a...
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    Official Entry Thread for 2022 Member's Tourney @ Q-Masters

    If you have the Fargo app it will show you the matches they used to rate you and most of mine were from 2012