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    Happy Birthday To Gulfport Doc!!!

    Doc, we've both gotta quit doing this every few months. I'll go along ! Have a grand day young man. ;) :)
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    Happy B-Day Androd!

    Thanks for the B'Day wishes my Buds, They cheered and old fart and made him proud of you'all.
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    Kybanks vs NV #2. WWYD

    Yes it will go as Jeff said, higher up you use outside English.
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    Things have slowed to a crawl on the site

    I also enjoyed the discussions, I just didn't like hackers sense of humor. I think he never got over me naming him the hacker, he was a lurker, I made some comment about his match will Dr. Bill @? dcc and called his shot selection that of a hacker. He immediately joined and gave me a lot of...
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    Happy Birthday John Henderson!

    Have a grand day, John, you da man.
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    WWYD? -- #17816

    Wow what a mess !
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    $3,000 Added 6th Annual Seniors One Pocket Tournament July 1-4th, 2021

    Is that the best you can do, you're the one who's anonymous not me. :p P.S. Where's you buddy the Hacker when you need him ?
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    Happy Birthday Frank Almanza!

    Happy B'Day Frank, have a grand time. Say hey to your Lovely wife.
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    Better than not having it. ;)
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    Happy Birthday Jim the Pilot!

    You're getting close to being of legal age, have a grand day !
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    Happy Birthday Larry (lll)

    Haven't been on site much, just saw it was your B'Day. Grand Wishes to a Super fine fellow. Luv ya Pal.
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    Smart women !

    Friday, I've played about 6 days the last two weeks. First time in 14 months. I've played really poorly, all the hackers are treating me like a sucker. I.E. if you hadn't missed so and so shot you would've won that game. Blah blah blah. Any way today my wife asked me if I was going to the pool...
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    What's the best shot?

    Once you learn to see the line it's easy to adjust where you want the OB to go. in the pic the 7ball would hit the rail where the line is.
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    What's the best shot?

    yep that's the one I like also.