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Yes, I agree! If the ball or cb jumps and remains upon the rail, it is a foul, but if it returns to the playing surface it is not a foul, unless it contacts something other than the table itself. Such as: chalk, cue, player, light fixture, and so forth.
We've seen shots whereas the cb is pretty straight on with ob just off the end rail, and there is no real angle to work with, so they stroke down on the cb to make it hop upon the rail and then roll off for shape.
But this brings up something quite interesting, and that is just plain simple chalk. If the ball jumped contacts a piece of chalk it is a foul even though it comes back onto the playing surface.
So this brings me to proper etiquette of pool. It is and has always been proper etiquette to remove your chalk when your inning is over. A decade ago in watching pro's they would remove their chalk, and even if they forgot they would use an opportune time to retrieve it as to courteously not to interfere with the player shooting. Some players are alright with additional chalk on the table and some are not. But now days this etiquette is all but forgot and is considerably abused.

An interesting note; the old original rule of a ball being jumped off the table is that if it hit the light fixture and returned to the table it was not a foul, and that is why now days the rule specifically mentions that contacting the light fixture is a foul. The original rule is how OP was played during it's Jansco Johnston City origins, and I believe it should be played that way today. For a light fixture is different than a chalk, a cue or a player for these are obstructions that the players created, a light fixture is not! Whitey

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