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Default Key West

I’m in key west. New pool hall. Shooterz. Non smoking. 3 9’ gold crowns. Simonis cloth. 2 9’ I can’t remember. And they have a Russian pyramid 6x12. 3-1/4” pockets. Would love to play somebody 1p on that. I will even let you guys play, with 2-1/4 balls. The Pyramid balls are 3”. If you insist on using the big balls get a break cue. The cues we use are a minimum 25 ounces. And 67” long. Hope to see you guys!
Ps. I am not bad at pyramid, We have about 10 Russian players here (the owner is Russian) and they all say I make them nervous playing as good as I do. I have only played 6 nights in 6 weeks.. I would like to get them to play 1p or golf.
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