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Hi, this is Keith/Sappo. I have a 9 foot Diamond and I love the lights I put in. You can call me at 520 544 2764 if you want to discuss. Or face time me at Keith
Look forward to getting back to Chicago, saying hello to the Ghost and his lovely wife. Will bring money...

Ed Neves
ok you got it...ill probably see him this wek
Hey Doc. Im about to email you . Hope you are well. Im going to Jackson in the latter part of the year. Dont know how far it is from you. Take care.
Cincy, how does one send a private message to a member. I gather starting a conversation is public? Thanks Keone
Hey Keoneyo! It's actually just the opposite! :) So when you post a message here to my profile, it is public, whereas when you start a "conversation", it's only view by those invited to the conversation. This can be a private message between you and another or you can add others to it to make it like a group message. Hope this helps! I will send you one to test for you ~
Hey Dave,

Thanks for the "like". Bill Meachem seems to like it also. Over on AZB Bob Jewett said the same thing. I"m pushing a boulder up hill here, but I feel it is important. Who knows, a little support might create some impetus. You're a MOT Champion whose comments would be listened to if you decide to support.

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I wrote something, but nobody listens to me. LOL But thanks for asking
220 fox point rd, port angeles, wa, 98363 PayPal to OPORG?
Cory in dc
I had to bid against myself. I can’t believe what cheap blasters the members are. They can spend a couple of thousand to go to a tournament but donate?.........
Cory in dc
Shipping tomorrow, media mail. I'll just cover shipping, so you can give the full $200 to Thanks for stepping up!
I tried to respond to your response.

I found "Write something" and wrote something, but couldn't find anything resemblin a "send" button.
Hey bro-- How do you post your pictures in the forums? Chris said just to copy/paste, but I tried it and it didn't work. Is there some other step you have to take? We don't have the previous "manage attachments" feature on this new site.

Jimmy B
Jimmy B
I've been using a host site call Imgur.. It's free, but you have to join and put in a password etc., like joing However, it's supposed to let you copy and paste from another site..,, without joining a host site like that... But you still can't copy and paste a pic from your computer picture file.. It has to be from some other site.. I did a picture like that once, as a test, and it did show up when I previewed it. But you and Larry both said you couldn't see some of my pics, even though they showed up fine for me, so I'm not sure.. Some places don't seem to let you copy.. It has to say copy image, then go paste it.. I'll go try it.. I think the Board is still messed up and Chris doesn't have time or know how or something, but I don't know.. Try it again by coping image and then paste it using the image tool and then NOT using the image tool ,, one should work.
For $1500-2000 you can make it a lot more livable, and for another $500 or less you an probably move the pole about a foot. If interested in any of this let me know and I'l explain.
Chris, I just spent 4 days in Tucson. Wish I would have thought about getting on AZ to find out where to play. Walked in Pockets ? and did not see any players. 1-pkt or 9-ball.

I will shoot you a private message next time I am out there. Robert Newkirk
Daniel, I was trying to find the 1 put match you streamed between Chohan and Bustamonte. Is that match available anywhere? thanks and Happy Thanksgiving. Keith
Bill, good news about the Bambino? My wife and I are Grandparents (first one) as of April 2019 so we are excited. If you get out to the coast call me 626 818 0896. Text first as I sometimes don't answer calls where I don't know the number. Be well.......
Room/walls/floors/lighting/a/c & heat table guy is a Diamond rep, but he prefers the GC table. He's NOT a pool player converted to mechanic, he's the real deal working guy. He's got and redoing the top rails. He's busy NOW.... initial set up is key/so I wait end of mth. He mentioned, sometimes the slate pins need to be removed. My guess, this slate set will match up. When players matcheup, they always chose the better table, 1962 bead weld pocket iron date. Not brunstone, grey slate....1 1/8'' thick. Getting excited, have not picked up a cue in 4 mths (3 hr drive)....the way I look at playing, the body is just as important as playing. Hopefully soon I will visit your room tho not sure yet/when. Be at my daughters home over Thanksgiving in Manhattan Beach, they might have a surprise for me (bambino???) we'll see :) then I for sure will be out W. once a year or more. Have a great holiday season, to you and your loved ones. Bill M
Looks like my 50 is coming home if I figure right. If you see different let me know.
Push on season
+25 on Cards ahead of Scrubs
+25 on Cards ahead of Reds
I don’t think I bet any others but if I did I’m ok with outcome
Todd Williams 4588 hwy 64. Crawfordsville Ar 72327
Ps I’m not looking forward to hearing those Indian wahoo wahoooo’s
Robert, which Studio 6 Hotel are you staying at. My non-directional brain has trouble navigating especially in Houston. Address please?