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Feb 17, 2009
Doesn't look like there are any reasonable kicks to deal with the 4ball, the one rail kick is possible but very little margin for error. In this position you must move the 4ball or the 14ball. If you cant move the 4ball I would try to bank the 14ball to my side and remove it from the position it's in. The 14ball is a winning shot for my opponent and i'm not going to let it remain there if I can't move the 4ball. I'm going to bank the 14ball and swing the cue ball three cushions and try to double up the 4ball with the 8ball and leave distance. I'll take my chances from there.

I would shoot Franks shot if I felt that I could masse the ball and get in back of the 8ball, I see good things happening with that option.

Dr. Bill

I didn't even look at the 14 because it looked hidden. But upon your observation that looks good to me.


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Mar 19, 2007
Since there's not really much of a shot anywhere this might be worth a whack. Enough follow could make that 1 ball.

I can't wait to see what an expert 3 cushion player would do here or maybe even a one pocket hacker. I'm sure players of their talent levels would have expert opinions to give here.

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Safer and easier to play the cue ball off the nine into the one. Don't try to make it.

well you made it.........:D
grady called the split shot as a possibility
efren shot and made it
he made the 5 and then moved the 4 ball



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Aug 22, 2004
i would have taken an intentional, and come very softly off the 9 or 7 and making sure he has no return bank--my only goal here is to simply duck in a way that makes it difficult for him to further trouble me, thereby allowing me to take more aggressive action next shot......i run into these messes all the time,and thats generally the way i play it......yes,i know some will say, he can take a foul too, ive got ammo to deal with that as well, but i cant give out all my secrets in one thread lol......:lol


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Jul 7, 2008
a little less then 1 1/2 tips right straight up to the short rail takes you right to the 4 ball