World's Hardest Cross Corner Bank!


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Jul 27, 2015
Isn't that roughly the same shot as Whitey's? Perhaps this one is further off the rail.

Nice looking table. What is it?

It's close to the same shot, both shots are tough to execute. It is a 9 ft Diamond Professional. Added the room a couple of years ago.

Dennis "Whitey" Young

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Jul 8, 2017
This was the cross corner depicted to me by Nick Varner, you can't cross it, you have to stiff it in.
I set up this shot with the ob about 1" straight off the 2nd. diamond & cb about a ball and a half straight off the head string diamond. I think this is pretty close to how you have it set up. Nick Varner is right, for you can not go across the face of it to bank it for there is a kiss, so it has to be stiffed. Beings that the cb is quite off the rail then it is easy to stroke low reverse and stiff it. I made this shot quite easily. So I'd say there is absolutely no comparison to the original shot whereas the balls are frozen, for a guy might never make it, or it might take a hundred tries, but on some tables with soft cushions or known to take reverse, it will go easier. But I also wanted to represent the shot somewhat as Steve depicted it, in that I wanted the cb to be controlled going to the foot cushion and off as in OP. Which is quite unlike Nick's version of the shot!

I neglected to mention that I have the full cb behind the line, and I also did the shot easier with the cb off the rail a balls width, for you can stroke it better, and if you put more power into it then it also goes easier. But I wanted to represent the 'worlds hardest cross corner bank' so I wanted to film it with the cb and ob ball frozen. Anything short of that could not be considered the worlds hardest.

Taylor represented the shot as the balls not being frozen but with ob just off the rail and also the cb. I never tried this bank as Taylor represented it to see the difference between the balls just not quite frozen vs. the balls being frozen.

I guess the way I did the shot is Whitey's version, balls frozen! thanks guys for the comments and trying the shot! Whitey