Who do you like to watch?

Artie Bodendorfer

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Nov 18, 2005
I'd prefer to see 15 sec shot clock, and one extension of 15 per rack.
I liked watching Louie Roberts.He was talented a great sense of humor. And he was a different caracter then the rest of the players. Louie was colorful and exciting to watch. We was a crowed pleasure.And you never new what Louie would do. Louie loved action and he loved to play. There were and are better players. But none of thee other players had that innocent smile and look that Louie had. You can take Harold Worst Ronnie Bugs Efren Scott Frost Shane Taylor Wimpy. None of these people had the innocent friendly personality or attitude that Louie had. Watching Louie play was like watching a little kid playing in the school yard. All I can say he was Great and my favorite player to watch. Nobody was more real than Louie.