Which option is better?


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Nov 23, 2015
I am also in the camp of sending whitey behind those balls near your opponent's pocket while bringing the 4-ball over to your own side.

Other considerations that come to mind, given that your diagram is only hypothetical:

  1. Is there a sweet spot to send the 4 (for example) into the stack that has a ball or two angled nicely to head near your hole? If so that would be a plus for that option.
  2. Is there still going to be a ball on your opponent's side that could bank straight back? That to me would be a deterrent for going behind the two balls, because if nothing goes well from up table on my own side, my opponent would have the free straight back to get out from behind the trap.
  3. If you elect to bank toward your hole (knowing it does not go clean anyway, so basically just re-positioning the 4), are there likely to be clean cross corner bank options left for your opponent (like the 1 & 2 in your diagram)? That would be a big reason to go behind the balls near your opponent's pocket -- or up table like hacker mentioned.

I am sure there are other considerations too...
This is what I was looking for Steve, thanks for the break down on some of the considerations / reasons to choose one over the other, I appreciate it!