****Vintage Pool & Billiard Posters For Sale Part III ***


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Sep 17, 2008
I have a limited quantity (16 diffwerent), of some really rare vintage posters, circa; 20's, 30's, 40’s, 50’s, 60's of some of the most iconic pool and billiard players of these eras! The posters are "One OF A Kind" reproductions in MINT condition. Some of the posters are signed by players.

The price for each poster is $35.00 USD, PLUS $5.95 S&H.
To order, go to PAY PAL, select the SEND MONEY tab. SEND the funds to my Email address: mr3cushion@live.com Delivery will 5-7 business days.

Willie Mosconi - Pool
Ralph Greenleaf - Pool
Andrew Ponzi - Pool & Billiards
Irving Crane - Pool & Billiards
Luther "Wimpy" Lasiter - Pool
Jimmy Caras - Pool
Arthur Rubin 3 Cushion
"Cowboy" Jimmy Moore - Pool
Joe Chamaco 3 Cushion
Lou "Machine Gun" Butera - Pool
Joe Balsis - Pool
1941 Worlds Pool Championship
1946 Worlds Pool Championship
1500 pt. Challenge Match - Ralph Greenleaf vs Irving Crane - Pool
1000 pt. Challenge Match - Willie Hoppe vs Joe Chamaco - 3 Cushion

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Bill Smith "Mr3Cushion"
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