Thinking of Freddy The Beard


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May 24, 2004
I was going over some old pics on my computer and came across this one that gave me a chuckle and got me thinking of Freddy.

A few years back Grady called me up and wanted to play some. We agreed to play a set in Phoenix and Lenny would stream it. Well, Freddy always looking for an angle for a little promotion sent me a shirt to wear on the stream. Turns out it was 105 degrees in Phoenix, the shirt was black and I did not wear it. Freddy called me up and gave me a little grief about not wearing the free shirt, so I posted the attached pic with this explanation to him.

'Freddy, I wear your shirt to my yoga class. If you saw how excited the girls get when they see me in Downward Dog and Warrior Pose, you would understand why I can't sully the shirt playing pool in it'.

One of the few times he did not have a response.:D Miss him and Grady too.


Cowboy Dennis

Dec 16, 2008
Forgot to mention, I've been working on writing something about Freddy for quite a while now. Don't know when or if it'll be done but I'll post it here when it does get done, if it gets done. Can't write it all until it comes to me.



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Mar 19, 2007
freddie and i got to talk alot in person at the first tunica
i miss him
i REALLY regret i didnt go to chicago the year before his passing to spend time with him and let him shower some knowledge on me


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Mar 14, 2005
Freddy was great. The first time I met him in person was 2003 at DCC. I told him he was my favorite 1-pocket commentator (loved when he was paired w/Bill I.). Just then Pat Flemming was walking by and he stopped him to make me repeat what I said.

I always wondered if Freddie was asking Pat for a regular gig w/Accu-Stats around that time and using me to help his cause. We'll never know, but he was the best.

John, you look awesome in that picture.



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May 29, 2010
Known Freddy all my life.

Really miss him.

No one was more fun in the pool room.

Bill S.


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Aug 7, 2007
Freddie has always been a special person (in a good way) he loved pool and the hustlers that played it. Chicago was his city and he loved everything about the city, particularly the Chicago White Sox. He loved Italian food, italian beefs, deep dish pizza, and home cooked pasta, which by the way he was one of the best at cooking it..that I know of.:heh Freddie loved playing bank pool, that was his favorite game since he was 18 years old, he prided himself as one of Chicago's top bank pool players and he did fit in nicely with the best. Freddie never had a natural gift for playing pool, he was a very robotic player that worked hard at the table, nothing came easy for him but he still managed to play top level banks. No one in the pool world in Chicago was loved more than Freddie, I loved being around him as well as just about every other player in Chicago did, I would make special trips to Chicago just to laugh and enjoy him, I really miss him. I admired Freddie, his character was revered for his loyalty, his sense of humor, and his high intellect along with the many stories he has always shared he will be sorely missed. R.I.P. my good friend.

Bill Incardona