The Ghost's Stakehorses

One Pocket Ghost

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May 25, 2004
As a DCC public service, I always post up a pic of my stakehorses so that anyone going to the DCC that wants to arrange a game, or place a bet against the Ghost in any of his match-ups will be able to recognize them..:)...just go on up to them - they will cover your bet for any amount..:heh...careful though if they offer to shake hands - they will probably have a 'buzzer' hidden in their palm...:D...

That's Jingles on the left in the pic - he's the one who always carries all the 'dough' on him...:D...and on the right is Big Red - and please notice that he has a camera in his hand - that is because he will be taking a pic of anyone who places a bet, in case for any reason he has to find them later to collect..:eek:...

PS, And for their cash, Jingles & Big Red don't care if the Ghost doesn't squeeze...on the contrary, they love it when when the Ghost shoots 'CIRCUS SHOTS'...:heh...:p

- Gho$t

PS, And I don't know why - but they told me they want to meet LSJohn...:eek:


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