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Cowboy Dennis

Dec 16, 2008
Tramp Steamer said:
Hey, Dennis. The Zanies have wore me slick. I've just ended a three day war over aiming systems and I need some rest. I personally am anti-aiming, believing that the old school is the best school and no pseudo-science bs is going to give you a winning stroke. Anyway, I thought I'd come over here, hang out, and try to further improve my One Pocket.

We never have aiming system threads over here:D , thank god. If I had to learn a system to shoot pool I never would have been any good at all. Of course, I would've saved a lot of money. If you can't figure out where to aim a ball to go into a pocket then you should take up billiards. Welcome back to the fold.


Artie Bodendorfer

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Nov 18, 2005
Cowboy Dennis said:
Tennessee Joe6 said:

I did not know that it could be done like that, thanks:) . I don't think I've ever highlighted words already posted, I've just colored the words I've written.


THanks Joe I have been out all day but I will reply all my messages.

I only thing I can say What I am saying works. I have oroven it too by beating players with way more skill then me.

And you no not too many people are going too beat players that shoot beyyer and bank better. And ir does not matter that I am 67 years old.

Or 100 years old You either belive me or you dont. And If you dont belive me its your loss. And I say give it a chance what I say and do youre game and Knowledge will improve.

I dont no too much outside off gambling and people. But thats what I had to learn to support my self. And some people who learned from me became millionares.

And ask them what the think and were would they be today if they didnt learn what they learned from me.

Belive in my shots and what I say and you will see the answer yourself. Thier is no better way then to do what a person says and prove it too yourself.

I have spent many houers doing this to learn the whole game from beginning too end. It wasant easy..But I keepte pushing and my desire too learn it was so strong that I keepte going.

I read the books that people wright about pool and almost all the books have the same stuff.

Thier is never nothing new or real help full that I see. Outside off a few people they all wright the same thing.

And most off the stuff I see is wrote and copyed out off other books and is almoet alike. And one that is or has been on this site can write the same books or better.

Because the all no they same thing. And almost all champions learned by themselves not out off books.

You think Eferm or Scott or Cliff or Mosconie or cilemans or buddy hall or strick land or Freddy or MR 3 coushion or Wimmpy or taylor or bugs Or Billy Or corn bread or harold worst.

THese people did not lear how too play out off a book.

THe learned by watching and playing and doing what the champions didthat is howe they learned.

THe greatest answer I can give out too any young player or a player who wants too be a champion.

Record and do all the things the champions do. Copy all thier moves the way they play position. If you have the ability and talant too do what the champions do and learn all the same shots and more.

You will be a better player then them. THat goes for ant sport if you can do what the champions do then you will be a champion too.

THat is the best advice I can give to everone and especisly a young player. Who realy wants too be great. Number one is you must have the ability.

If you dont have the ability nothing can hwlp you too become a pro. Nothing. With out the ability you can not get too the top.

Every chahampion is great because they have the number one tool and that ie the ability. And with out the abilty you can become a good player. But you must have the talent too go with it.

Look at Hoby Labron James Mickel Jorden. Shake Tiger woods Mohamod Alie All the great soccer players and baseball players. You will not reach the top without the ability.

Be truth full with youreslf. Find out what your ability and potential is.
you can play better by playing smarter and learnibg more.

BUt that is very hard too beat a champion. Who has nothing but talent.
Thier is so much too learn in one pocket that you could play for ever and you still wont no it all.

And a great player with a lot off ability can shoot his way out off a bad shot. Not always but his abilty gives him a chance too do it.

If you want to be a winner. Then do what the winner does. And uf you do the same thing the winner does you will be a winner too.

THat goes for Buisness or anything in life. And what ever game you want to learn patern yourself after the great player. And learn too do all the things they do too be a champion.

You dont need 50 books or watch 50 different players. All you need to do is learn all the things the champ does and iff you can do the same things you will be a champion too.

If you want too ba a bank pool champion.

Do what John Burbank does. Or If Taylor or Bugs were still around whatch what they do and howe they do it record what they do.

And once you learn too do the same thing they do you will be a champion.

If you want too be a nine ball champion. Record and learn all the things that Shane Does Alex Does Cory Duel Mikon Imonon Applton. Learn and record everything they do.

And watch them play every time they play. And watch every shot and be aware off everything they do Ask them qouistion get all youre qouistion answerd. And see on every shot what they do. Tell you understand it .

And you will no before the shoot what the are going too shoot because you learn. You hace to learn howe to make all the shots the make and shot. And you keep practicing tell you learn your lesson.

Its not easy to be a champion. Its hard work and lots off houers. And you have too work hard too become a champion. How do you think they did it.

Through hard work and played a lot to lear it. Nobody gave it too them the worket for it and earned it. And it wasant all fun and games.

Thier was a lot off stess and frustration. Thier were even those disapointing and aggrevating night when the lost. Or played bad and got upset with themselves.

THe goal to be a champion is not easy. You have too pay the price for your goal and Dream. Nobody hands it too you. It can be the lonlest road off your life.

And most players never get thier. But Follow a champion what he does and shoots.

And that will be as strong as any lession. Because you are learning the correct parts off the game you need to lear.

Watch the game male diagrams wright down everything you want too no or learn.

Do what the winners do and you will be a winner too.

I have something good for people to practice and help thier game. And I will post it later if I am not too tierd to post it.

Everything I am saying and trying too explain is too help you. And they things I am saying is not the old way off playing. But the way you should play.

And I make my post hoping that people will dhoot my shots too help thier game.

And if I have time and you see me at a tournement. If I am not gambling ask me too watch you play anotherr player. And you both play about even.

And I will coach one off you. And you will see for youreself what I am saying woeks. And I will explain too you every shot that you are going too ahot and Why.

And dont worry I wont charge youa nickle. Ijust want you too see what it is like to shoot the correct shots.

And what it does to your opponent. And afyer you are done playing rhen give me your opinion off what you think.