OTR Contribution Giveaway - Nearly $3000 in Products!

Fast Lenny

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May 15, 2005

Doing a prize giveaway worth nearly $3000 for anyone who contributes $30 to OTRTV. You will be given a number of your choice and it is first come first serve out of the 69 numbers. Reply here with your number choice.
Each $30 contribution gets you a number so if you contribute $90 you get 3 numbers to pick. We will use the PowerBall drawing once full to determine the winners and we will have 5 winners! Winners will be determined by the 5 white balls as they are drawn live on TV. Post the number you picked here after making payment.
First number will be for a Venom Trickshots DVD. Second number will for Power One Pocket V2. Third number will be for Break & Run 3 DVD set. 4th number will win a Mastering Pool with Mika Immonen 3 DVD set. The Grand Prize for the 5th number drawn will be for a $2500 QB Custom Cue! This is an awesome chance to own some cool prizes and support OTRTV at the same time.

1. Chris Miller
2. Carlos Benavides
3. JR Ascencion
4. Carl Stewart
5. Eric Durrant
6. Paul Schweigart
7. George Teyechea
8. Jeremy Ross
9. Michael Ramirez
10. Robert Newkirk
11. Ben Hrabina
12. Jack Murray
13. Chris Putthoff
14. Eric Nordstrom
15. Chris Lulek
16. Chris Lulek
17. Mike Schatzke
18. Andy Davis
19. JR Ascencion
20. George Teyechea
21. Jack Murray
22. Jack Murray
23. Jack Murray
24. Jack Murray
25. Reg Calalo
26. JR Ascencion
27. Chris Lulek
28. Isaac Hatch
29. Junior Flores
30. Aaron Kieu
31. Beau-James Morseth Sr.
32. Peter Horton
33. Charlie Cramer
34. Paul Schweigart
35. Ray Robles
36. Joe Shipley
37. JS Gibbs
38. Justin Kent
39. Justin Kent
40. Sara Miller
41. Jack Scerca
42. Justin Kent
43. Jeff Gregory
44. Ernest Kenneth
45. Jack Scerca
46. Eric Nordstrom
47. JS Gibbs
48. George Teyechea
49. George Teyechea
50. George Teyechea
51. Mike Montgomery
52. Aaron Kieu
53. Junior Flores
54. Aaron Kieu
55. John Crabb
56. Sydney Jones
57. JS Gibbs
58. Sal Giaconia
59. Aaron Kieu
60. Eric Nordstrom
61.James Tomassoni
62. Bill Meyers
63. David Gross
64. George Teyechea
65. Michael Krahl
66. SaintAbie Padilla
67. Scott Vogelsberg
68. Scott Vogelsberg
69. Scott Vogelsberg
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Mar 14, 2005
63 for me Lenny. Sending money now.

Thanks for everything.



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Aug 18, 2010
somebody's going to be very happy with that QB cue.....

Fast Lenny

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May 15, 2005
Congratulations to the winners of the giveaway. Here is a video of the numbers as they were drawn and the winners of this first OTR giveaway. 1st ball drawn was 18 and Andy Davis won the Venom DVD. 2nd ball drawn was 49 and George Teyechea won Power One Pocket V2. 3rd ball drawn was 66 and SaintAbie Padilla won the Break & Run DVD set. 4th ball drawn was 17 and Mike Schatzke won the Master Pool DVD set. 5th ball drawn for the Grand Prize was 59 and Aaron Kieu won the $2500 QB Custom Cue! Congratulations to all the winners. Message me your address and I hope you will participate in the next giveaway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF9iITa8Yv4