One Pocket Rules update


Staff member
Apr 23, 2004
The One Pocket rules here on have recently been updated based on a couple of the polls and other discussions that have taken place here in the forums. These rules might be close to ready for an up and down vote on adoption as's 'Official One Pocket Rules'. However, there are two issues that really are pretty tight in the polls that could use a few more members to weigh in with a vote to see if opinion tips more substantially one way or another.

One is the question of jumping and jump cues in One Pocket, which you can check out here. At the moment there is a slight edge to setting the standard rule to read no jump cues allowed in One Pocket, but jumps with your playing cue are permitted.

The other is the question of what to do if the breaker fails to execute a legal break, which you can check out here. This poll is virtually even as to whether the incoming shooter can request a re-break, or they must play the balls where they lie.

Other comments or suggestions regarding all of the proposed rules are always welcome!