One Pocket rule change

Cowboy Dennis

Dec 16, 2008
I have no trouble with playing on a snooker table.

The first one pocket I ever played was on a 5x10 snooker table.

I won my first tournament at U of OK on a snooker table.

While I stopped playing pool for many years I had a full size 6x12 table in my office. I played in the snooker league for years.

I would love to play you but I don't see me getting to Detroit? anytime soon.

Do you ever leave town?

Bill S.

I went to Toledo, Ohio to watch my girlfriend play in a 9-Ball tournament in 1996. That's the last time I've been out of the state.

No big deal, I don't care if I ever play or not. I just figured if you ever come this way you might drop me a line. My offer stands.

Take care Bill.