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Apr 23, 2004
Press release

One Pocket Hall of Fame is pleased to announce that the first presentation for the One Pocket Hall of Fame will take place at Grady Mathew’s Gulf Coast Classic event in December. The One Pocket Hall of Fame is the creation of, established for the purpose of recognizing those players, promoters and teachers that have contributed the most to the legacy of the game of One Pocket. Although several of the finest One Pocket players of all time have already been honored by election to the Billiard Congress Hall of Fame, fans of the game recognize that One Pocket has always featured a little different cast of characters than the mainstream of pool and billiards.

Indeed there have been so many great One Pocket players, from ‘Rags’ and ‘Bugs’ to ‘The Tuscaloosa Squirrel’, ‘Jersey Red’ and of course Ronnie Allen and Grady Mathews – just to name a very few. Some of these great players for years made a career choice to avoid tournament play, shying away from the establishment spotlight, yet knowledgeable fans recognize them as among the best ever; thus the need for an independent hall of fame. The One Pocket Hall of Fame offers an opportunity to celebrate the game of One Pocket in particular, rather than pool and billiards in general.

The Gulf Coast Classic takes place December 8th – 12th at the Grand Casino Hotel in Gulfport, Mississippi, and includes One Pocket, Bank Pool and 9-Ball events. For Gulf Coast Classic tournament information call 803-407-0047, or visit
is the web site dedicated to the game of One Pocket. Members are currently casting their votes for the first round of inductees from over twenty nominations submitted over previous months, with voting set to conclude December 2nd. Membership in is free, with the only requirements being an appreciation for the game of One Pocket, respect for fellow players and fans of One Pocket, and a valid email address.