My baptism into the good ol boys club.


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Feb 25, 2012
As I have told before,I was a locksmith in the dfw for years. I did mostly commercial work,had a good reputation and often was able to expand my client base as building engineers and property managers moved. Their new bosses were happy to oblidge their wishes to have me be their locksmith.
Doug was a building engineer I had worked for on numerous properties. He became head engineer on a unique property. 2 buildings,old and new,6 floors and 9 floors. Old hardware of great quality. Tenants of the buildings,were for the most part the building owners. I had been servicing this account for 2 years before Doug was hired.
In the security industry many jobs have to be done at a certain time,often "now".Doug calls says I have a couple small jobs need done by 11a.m.(now). I hustle out get the work done by 11 with a few minutes to spare. Doug says the engineering dept is having a catered bbq lunch at 11 you have to attend. I like bbq and often eat between 11 and 12 so I tell him I would be glad to attend. We head to a meeting room where there are about 35 people already gathered 10 engineers,5 building execs,and the rest I didnt know.. Doug, and JoAnn show me a list of doorprizes. There are airline tkts,2 50yardline tkts to a Cowboys game, box seats for the Rangers,Platinum box tkts for the Stars,and Mavericks. Cordless handtools,hotel stays and more. JoAnn says these vendors have donated these gifts,what would you like to contribute?
I was speechless. My company would never participate in anything of this type. Doug new this so he was no where to be found. I told JoAnn I couldnt speak for the company but I would donate a little lunch money. I handed over a fifty and she replied "I can't give you a receipt".
I enjoyed good bbq and got out before they started giving the engineers their prizes. I went back to my shop and told the owners what had happened. Their reply was "glad you told them you couldnt represent the company. 50 for a bbq lunch,you need to find cheaper places to eat!".