muscle/plantar fasciitis pain?


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Aug 18, 2010
This stuff works so good, I felt compelled to pass it along.....

A couple weeks ago, I tweaked a muscle in my upper back somehow (I have no idea how I aggravated it). Anyway, it was uncomfortable to lean over a table, and I did not hit balls for a while until last Monday.

Wrongly thinking I was feeling better, myself and Figueroa got in a good workout (not an all day marathon but probably four hours or so) on Memorial Day. Fast forward to Tuesday morning, I could hardly reach to turn off the alarm, and washing my hair and putting on a shirt was downright painful.

I called the doctor, his office said, "yeah, sure - we can get you in - in about a week or so...." :eek:

Anyway, a google search later, I decided to try Ben-Gay Zero Degree muscle rub. This stuff works like a miracle. You keep it in your freezer and put it on like stick deodorant and rub it in with the container.

For about a year or so, I have had some plantar fasciitis on my back foot (the doctor did see me about this about eight months ago and basically told me tough shit, just keep stretching it....). It works for that too!

If you are feeling a little sore, this stuff is worth a try.



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Dec 13, 2004


the old guys always need an edge...thanks for the info...


O shit I am one of the old guys...