Just spoke with Artie


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Jun 25, 2004
Hadn't heard from him in awhile, so I called for a chat. He's doing pretty well health-wise. He's still a little upset about Race Track Phil and some of the others who have recently left us. Said he intends to come on and post once in awhile, despite his self-admitted atrocious spelling.:)

He has a lot of family affairs on the table, so when that wraps up, he'll have more time. Y'all will get to see him at the U.S. Open, along with Larry S. et al.

If anyone is streaming, it would be a golden opportunity to snag the two of them for commentary. I won't be available.:cool:



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May 15, 2013
Just spoke with Artie

More info:

JCIN said:
All of the info on the 2013 US Open One Pocket PPV stream is now up on the TAR homepage at: http://theactionreport.com/home.html

Here are the highlights:

$12 per day
$35 for entire US Open One Pocket Event July 17-20, 2013
$80 for all ten days of the 2013 US Open One Pocket, Ten Ball, Eight Ball

One Pocket
July 17-20: First match 10 AM. Last match starts at 10 PM. Five matches a day except for the final day. On the 20th the semis are at 11 AM and the finals at 2 PM. After the finals people will see 10 Ball for the remainder of the day.

We plan to loop select matches until 9 AM the next morning. THIS CAN CHANGE. When you stream 23 hours a day for ten days at some point you have to maintain somethings that will require downtime. We will do our best to keep this to a minimum but it can and probably will happen that a loop will end early at some point.

I will try to keep each days matches updated on the TAR page as best I can so people know what is coming.

We are running one stream. It is 640x360 at 1.5Mbps. This is the same data rate as the 1280x720 stream we have been running only at the smaller resolution. This is for a couple reasons. It will allow a decent picture for people who put the feed on a TV and go full screen but the default viewer will still work well with iPhone/IPad,Android devices.

If there are any questions post them up I will do my best to answer them. First matches tomorrow are:

10 AM: Shane Van Boening vs Jeremy Jones
1 PM : Chris Bartram vs Bill Stroud

Rest of the day is TBA