How good was Mike Carella


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Feb 2, 2011
I've really began thinking the government was involved in that flight.....there is no other way too many cover ups.....
I wish you no ill will, but it reminds me of a story that my dad warned me about when I was nearly old enough to drive.

Dad told me, "If the guys you are with rob someplace and they catch you in the car with them, you are as guilty as the guy that did the robbin'."

IMO, it sounds like your pop wasn’t squeaky clean.

Having big balls has nothing to do about not talking after you get caught. Big balls is working in the same fvcking job for 30-40 years taking care of your family.

I used to have no respect for guys that worked the same job forever, but as I have become more mature and understand priorities, I know that the folks we should admire are those who do HONEST mundane jobs, not loving their jobs, hell maybe not even liking their jobs but doing them day after day to take care of their families.

My dad was an idiot until I became about 20 or 21, then he became a freakin genius. I don’t know how he got so smart so fast.:rolleyes:

Now, HE, has big balls, because he worked the same job for 30 years.