Ghost vs. Donn 23 wwyd?

Dennis "Whitey" Young

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Jul 8, 2017
Doc, I like your defensive shot off of the 10. I feel that you can bring the 10 up to lay between the stack and the 7 and protecting it with the stack from the cb. The 1 does not bank and I can not imagine that the cb will come up very high for the 10 will have more speed on it than that of the cb.
I like your positioning after this shot, and now his 12 is in jeopardy. Trying to protect his 12 without enabling you to improve your positioning is difficult.
Also now the 10 looms big in the open and on your side. Sounds and seems much like chess, I love it! Whitey

Billy Jackets

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Sep 3, 2011
Doc. I got to thinking what might happen rolling off the ten ball. I see how the shot has merits if the idea is to play safe here because as Bill suggested the eight is in a good location. On the other hand, there is a potential problem with the shot. The shot must be played fairly softly so as to keep the cue ball low enough not to give up a bank on any of the three balls near the foot spot. Softly rolling the cue ball the length of the table carries the risk of it drifting off line, and as close as the ten ball is to the rail a double kiss could easily leave a nice cross corner bank. For this reason I would have to toss that possible shot out of the running.

Like Bill, I'm sticking with either the inside english cut on the eight or the kick on the twelve.

Finally , someone else who doesn't play on tables that roll perfectly true all the time.
Even when you level the table one day , some "smart" player will come in and lower one end and hope it takes his opponent a couple of games to catch on.


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Feb 25, 2012
As I said earlier, I shot that straight thru the 8 ball 2x.

I believe straight thru hits a little more then a ball up from the corner pkt. Maybe I dont see it right and thats why I didnt want to thin the 8?

Both times 8 went into 3 balls by spot and whitey ended up in trough along end rail- hard to defend against from there, and no good offense options.