Edward "Red" Eversole passes


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Mar 6, 2005
Red passed on October 17th. Shot by his nephew. He was 68. Don't know how many knew him but he was a renowned gambler around these parts (Kentucky, Tennessee). Pool player, card/dice mechanic, fought chickens, steerman/stakehorse, etc.

I met him about ten years ago when I tried to trap him with a Florida champion pool player. He was too smart for that. Best we could do was break even.

He was really good with drawing high pill from the pill bottle. Of course he had a little trick where he could make sure he drew the 15 pill out every time. After several times of this for $1K a rattle his mark got tired of this and drew his pistol and said if Red pulled the 15 again, it would be the last time. Red said he shook the bottle vigorously and looked and pulled the 15 pill on the square! He said he didn't even let the guy look at the pill and threw it back in the bottle and told the guy he won.

He told me some great stories of him and Clyde Childress and 'One Eyed Tony' when the were on the road in action.