Dees One Pocket at Michaels


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Nov 30, 2014
Sharing from Dee Adkins post on our Facebook...
Ok everyone we are sticking with March 14-15th for the next Big Handicapped One Pocket event at Michaels!!!!! We have filled up every event at last 4 events down there(Of course some no shows day of but we are going to try our hardest to fix that) To those who let me know ahead of time they couldn’t make it to those events by calling or messaging me thank you so much.It helps us out a lot and helps us be able to get others in.If you haven’t got to one of these yet you need to come experience it!!!! They have been a blast and full of great players.Im watching those who are getting in to learn and get experience do exactly that including a bunch of our Jr players.Basically this is what we started doing them for and they have just really took off.The next banks as of now will be in May. The one pockets we are taking 64 players and the banks will be 128. Races have changed some but everything else the same.Races are modified now,3 winners 2 losers until the final 12 then back to 3 on losers as well.With small entry and what we have learned from all the events we need to do this.We have so many senior players and i want them to be able to play and enjoy these events.$55 entry each to both and we will fill both up so its first sighted up are in and you need to pay to guarantee your spots!!!! You can let me know and pay at Michaels or pay paypal at See ya all soon down there.