D. Appleton vs. S. Ochoa 2012 Tunica


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Nov 23, 2015
I'm playin' the 6-9 combo with a ticky off the 13 ball to the other long rail, a free shot to run out. Or the 6 ball bank 2 rails long rail , draw your cue ball....and play the ticky nearest the foot rail.
I looked at the 6-9 combo too, not a hard shot the way it lays...


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Aug 15, 2013
Take a long look at the seven ball carom into your hole. Other wise cross bank the striped ball on Ochoa's side.
The 7 was the first thing I saw, but I don't see any next shot. I also don't know how people are planning to get the 12 crossed to even as far as mid-table and hold CB behind the 11... up and back?

I'm hitting the 12 full in the face and following to the bottom rail.


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Aug 7, 2013
Does anyone think this is a viable shot? Simple execution and in all likelihood perfectly safe. All depending on the exact path of the 14 and 5 you could do some serious damage here. Of course the 3 will move towards his pocket but if it doesn't move much it doesn't hurt.

View attachment 14922

I don't care for this option. To get the Q ball to follow that tangent line and hide behind the 11, you need to hit it soft. The 15 won't move enough to your side and the 5 would probably just get clustered up with the 6 on the end rail. That would mess up the already nice looking 6/9 combo.
I don't see this shot pushing anything to the side rail to put any heat on the opponent. It looks like they would just get clustered on the end rail and give your opponent a good hiding place for a future shot, putting you behind this bunch.
Banking the 12 at the 3 ball with a medium stroke would get balls moving toward your hole. JMHO which usually isn't worth more than a cup of coffee.....

Cowboy Dennis

Dec 16, 2008
Here's my shot ! Unfortunately

Congratulations Fish, you win a cookie:p.

I see someone was paying attention to the Rempe shot:).

Appleton shot the ball right through what becomes an obvious path once you see it happen.


da shot.jpg

He left it here for Ochoa:

da leave.jpg