Consistency issues in the game


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Aug 15, 2013
Yes, but your bridge needs to be at the proper distance from the CB to create the right pivot point for your cue so that the throw compensates for the squirt. Speed affects the equation as well. If there's a way to factor in masse, I'd love to hear it - I can't make BHE work at all if my cue isn't level.

Check out "Front Hand English" as well. YouTube Dr. Dave on BHE/FHE; he explains these concepts in detail.

I'm not going to presume to lecture anyone on this forum, but the process of learning to use BHE/FHE is such a sublime joy, after years of frustration trying to maintain accuracy while applying English. I used to adjust my point of delivery on the CB via feel alone when I was compensating for English and I was never really confident. I would initially set up for a centerball hit, then parallel my cue over to my desired English point of contact, then pivot my back hand whatever amount felt right to compensate for the squirt. Finding your cue's pivot point takes so much guesswork out.

Thanks, Dick. I'm gonna work on it. I don't have it figured out at all yet, but maybe experimenting will clarify things for me.

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Dec 16, 2008
I "try" to be true to myself and know the limitations of my game and the ability to pocket balls--control the cue ball etc.... What I'm starting to conclude is that not just me but a loooot of players must over estimate their ability to pocket balls in this game. Pros and novices alike. :cool:

This game has some special challenges that I'm personally struggling with and looking for advice, special practice drills or just about anything conceptual that can make a difference. :frus

What I'm essentially experiencing is that I feel like I'm missing a lot of cut shots that I do not miss any other games. To be fair, that I probably miss a lot less in other games. I think this has most to do with trying to constantly hit balls at pocket speed or the 20 rounds of bunting then all of the sudden you have to draw a ball 8 feet. I mean sure, you might say "this is so obvious that this is the exact reason why shots that appear high percentage are missed."

Maybe its as simple as doing drills at pocket speed and then firing at a ball and then pocket speed then fire away...

Every now and then I will watch a player that appears to not be effected by this. They pocket balls like they are playing 9-ball.

I'm actually starting to consider that shooting a full length table shot and attempting to use pocket speed, actually lowers the % of making that ball over lets say a medium stroke. You figure all tables have some small rolls
so you rolling a ball in at pocket speed has you lets say 1-3% off on accuracy at the contact point and then 1-3% off as it rolls towards the pocket. On any tight pocket table that's enough to cause a ball to hang.

I hung up probably 8 balls in last nights match and I would 6 of them were
able to be kicked out. :sorry

These things sometimes happen, just ignore every post after #16:sorry.