Coker Cue: SF Giants Colors


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Aug 10, 2004
1997 Coker Cue, two original shafts, one never played. $750 OBO

Six (6) points in Orange and Black, the high points ARE uneven

This is a great earlier example of Tom Coker's work that hits wonderfully. The cue was originally made for a local player known as Phil the Broker, but saw almost no use in his hands.

The cue is near mint with a small ding on the finish next to the bumper.

The Cue comes with two original shafts, one of which was NEVER played and still has the original #2 sticker on it. The shafts and collar have South West style ring work.

The butt weighs in at 16.1 ounces
Shaft #1 weighs 3.7 ounces
Shaft #2 (unplayed) weighs 3.8 ounces

Shafts are 13.04 and 13.03 mm measured with my ultra precise harbor Freight Micrometer.

The Cue has very sharp inlays of black and orange (SF Giants Colors) on a body of highly figured curly maple. Rings only at A and E.

Rolls dead flat.

Pictures available on request, questions answered quickly and cheerfully.