Buddy Hall Hospitalized

Artie Bodendorfer

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Nov 18, 2005
Artie; Not trying to highjack your post, but, the guy you played at Freddy's "Northshore" club was , David Howard from Florida. Not Jerry Howard, he was one of the action guys around the "Rack" in Detroit!
I failed my English class. But I made 4 times the amount of money my teacher got paid. I can say this honestly about school. It doesn't matter if you fail or pass your classes if you don't like school and that's not what you want to do or learn. Than school is not for you. School is great and it teaches you the tools you use and need in life.

That's not for everybody. Just like self made millionaires. We are all tied to the system. All I can say people in life learn what they want to learn. Not what someone wants them to learn or be. Your father might want you to be what he is or what business he is in. I say be what you want to be not what your father or someone else whats you to be.

Its your life and your choice what you want to be or do with your life. The person you have to answer to is Yourself. People need to open up and start telling about yourself. That's what people want to her and that's how people get to no you. You have to tell your story. By communicating.

By doing that you will let go of your Walls and start building Bridges. And you will be free. And feel good about yourself. Because people are conscious about what other people say or think about them. So start a new beginning and you will have a different ending. We cannot change our past. But we can start a new beginning.