Birthday boy's Melee in Memphis


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Oct 7, 2008
I posted this in Mitch's congrats thread, but wanted to also put it on it's own.

Let me tell you.... this is just a great bunch of guys and gals we have here at!!! How about the surprise birthday cake and singing that went along with it??? Couldn’t believe it and got all choked up...absolutely overwhelming. Just awesome!!! Best part was when Crabby told me after everyone sang happy birthday that I owed him $20 for the cake...good one John.

The pool room was amazing...kind of like we fell back 30 years into a pool room where life continued around it, but it stood still in time. From the owner Mr. Bill who picked myself and Chicago Fats up from our hotel on more than one occasion to the pure down home hospitality shown by all his staff as well as the local players. Absolutely top notch!!!:)

Finally thanks to all the members who showed a ton of heart and good play throughout the guys are all a class act and Bill said on multiple occasions that having us in his room was the most fun he had in years....that says a ton.

Thanks to all who made the tournament possible, coordinated the details, shirts, posters, and kept it running like a well oiled machine...simply seamless.

It was great to have won in a field of tough players and can’t wait to see you all again. I was happy to get to see old friends and get to know some a little bit better.

Thanks was the best birthday weekend a pool player could ask for!!!
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NH Steve

Apr 25, 2004
Happy belated birthday, and of course congratulations Mike!!!


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Nov 30, 2014
Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

I had to keep stalling because it took Matt so long to light all those
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