all time pool lovers

philip guagliardo

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Jun 27, 2005
I suppose every city has one of these guys ! most players like to call them sweaters , but I prefer pool lovers . in chicago there is only one guy that gets that title . and his name is jerry hubbart ! he is also known as kojak . I met jerry 40 years ago in the neighborhood poolroom I played at . he was friends with the owner , little did I know at that time , that I would know this man and become good friends with him all my life ! whenever there's a big game in chicago you will definetly see jerry trying to get a bet down . I have never met a man who loves pool more than jerry hubbart . jerry is a rare breed . considering he has a difficult time playing the game . its hard to believe how devoted he is to the game ! if he was a good player he would play 24 hours a day ! jerry has seen more games than anybody in chicago and if their was an award for all time pool lover , he would surely get my vote . the good thing about jerry is when he's with you ! he with you all the way win lose or draw . jerry likes to call people ( partner ) well he sure has had a lot of them ! he was with bugs and artie and other great players his whole life ! loves that side bet ! too bad there is'nt more guys like jerry around chicago ! who will take his place someday ? I doubt we will ever see the likes of a jerry again ! so someday maybe there will be a hall of fame for pool lovers ! I will guarantee jerry hubbart will be the first on the ballot ! a stand up guy and good man . so to all of you pool lovers that I never met other city's ! keep up the good work the game needs pool lovers .
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