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Feb 8, 2011
ABC Always Be Closing. From the minute you wake up at a tournament until (if) you go to sleep at night. Setting down at the card tables during the Reno tournaments was a great ABC. You sit down at a table where other players are playing. Where you from? I’m here for the tourney but there’s no action right now! What do you like to play (and be played for)? Sure, I play 9 ball. And upstairs you go to close the deal. To get into action requires planning if you’re not a world beater. Mine is a harder road to victory try to find someone to gamble and win. But if you look at it like I do, did, then it’s a job. I’m going to work and work demands satisfaction. Work demands concentration and it does not stop at the game you’re in. There’s a guy on the tail that might play. ABC ABC Past few years of not playing has really diminished my skills. It tough when you are average to begin with and then you lose it. After the plague is over, I am heading to a pool room. I’m thinking Amsterdam.


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Aug 18, 2010
"if you got something worth biting..."
"you don't have to find the fish..."
"the fish will find you."

-Fisherman dude on the beach
Cobra Kai
(on Netflix ;))