8 players in Memphis


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Oct 1, 2007
I'll say......

I'll say......

.......sure appreciate the news.Your a good man,Bob


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Mar 5, 2005
Good break.

With no obvious good options, Scott picks out a Harrigan and fires away. Oops, leaves JJ almost straight in. JJ makes one but gets out of line... he can make the ball but to get shape on another he has to firethe ball down the rail into this tough pocket. He fires and nails it... CB 3 rails.

JJ makes one more (3-0) and tries a tough somethin' (looked like a combo carom) and doubles the corner but leaves Scott a little bit tough.

Scott makes two but gets out of line and has to shoot a CC, which he barely misses, leaving JJ tough. JJ tries an 89 degree cut and misses the ball... spots one. 2-2.

Scott makes one and gets out of line. Shoots a combo with builtin safety. Misses, but safe (maybe... came a little short of perfect) JJ thinks about kicking at a ball on the bottom rail near his pocket, but plays safe uptable.

Scott leaves JJ straight in, but corner-to-corner long. JJ takes a break.

Tw safeties followed by JJ playing safe but getting another ball in front of his hole. Current table would allow either to run out with a good start.

2 more safeties then a light trap by Scoot, JJ gets back safe.) Scott safe, JJ takes a foul, Scott tries tight CC and almost makes the ball for JJ, but safe.

JJ leaves Scott a choice of straightback or twisty down his long rail... makes the straightback and then made some shot I didn't see while typing :frus

Misses near straight-in. 5-2 Scott

JJ runs 3 and hangs the fourth. Scott ignores it shooting a cc that laid tricky and double kissed.

JJ shoots a combo, a straight-in and a straightback for the win and the title. $6000 first, $3000 second.
I missed plenty of 89 degree cuts,I know how it feels


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Mar 19, 2007
i havent read all the posts so sorry if this has been mentioned
scott jawed the 7 probably because he had to hit it with force to get shape
and would have run out if he made it
he was playing shape to run balls
so he left jeremy a shot when he missed....which jj capitalized on and won
bad roll for scott imho