5 rack game?


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Mar 14, 2005
I just watched Josh Filler play this game on the other thread, and in the end the game ate him up alive. It is brutal, even for this world champion.
What was alarming was the rules they were playing by, for it was as if they were making them up as they went. Ben the guy that made the sweaters bet to make it interesting obviously did not know the rules of the game either, or he was very forgiving to just play along and have a good time.
This how it went:
You get to break and then get ball in hand, ok, but you do not have to declare your pocket ahead of time, What! So when the break favored one pocket then that was what was shot at. Then after that was ridiculously easy they changed the bet to calling the pocket before the break.
Next a scratch and I suppose any foul is not a loss of a point. What Again!
Next he made a neutral pocketed ball during his rack, and then Filler got stuck without a shot, and then randomly spotted that ball so he could do a bank. Wow! Another time he made a neutral ball during the break and he spotted it up right away, which is opposite of us, where we spot it at the end.

I feel this thread is just half complete for we have not finalized the rules of the game, which became a goal of this thread, and if this above all over the place performance does not clearly bring it home that OP.org needs to really take this to heart and establish the rules for this game, I do not know what does.
I know, there place their rules, but really, well at least we should give them a good idea where to start.

Other than that this has been the greatest of threads, thanks guys for making it happen!
Happy Holidays! Whitey
The one pocket ghost was new to the basement and that was the first time Joshua ever tried it, they didn't know the rules. Over the next month or so, the rules morphed to call pocket before the break, scratches do not count on the break (still ball in hand), all balls made in other pockets stayed down so could not be counted, and I don't remember if they lost a ball on a scratch after the break or not.

Joshua was playing the ghost over under 45.5 in the end and winning most of the 5 rack challenges. He is awesome and the reason I even started to try to run all 15, which I finally did on the 153rd try. I was very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.