2 Questions On This Unique Shot

Cowboy Dennis

Dec 16, 2008
sappo said:
My 2nd question is a result of my decision. I chose the last option and tried to corner hook my opponent. Now heres what happened, as i attempted to gently hit the cue ball i hit it twice. I did not hold the cue ball to the other facing, the 2nd hit was unintentional and happened at the start of my little stroke. After the 2nd hit the cue ball actually rolled an inch or two. AS a result the cue ball did indeed stop right against the opposite facing of the pocket and my opponent was corner hooked. I spotted a ball from my pocket. Was that the correct thing to do or should i have penalized as if i trapped and held the cue ball intentionallly against the facing?

After i hear some responses ill tell you how it turned out? Sappo/Keith
Here's what I would have done in response to your foul: I would have you spot a ball up and now it's my shot. We could take fouls until the cows come home for all I care, I don't play 3 in a row you lose, let's put 'em all back up. I also wouldn't care if you did "hold the cueball to the other facing", hold it there all you want with me. I know that rules have changed in many parts of the country and with many different people but with me they haven't.

As this was an accidental double-hit, I would have you spot one up and we'd proceed from there. There are situations where a "double-hit" on the cueball would be called a foul on you and the exact same "double-hit" in another situation would be called something else entirely. It is a slippery slope.

P.S. I'm talking about gambling here, not some hoo-hah BS or tournament.