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    The Squeeze

    In 2017, are there any top one pocket players who incorporate the same style squeeze game as what Hopkins or Fusco did in their prime or has everything evolved into a more offensive, explosive style?
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    This is a shot that came up recently came up during the Hendy/Ghost match - one that I've been thinking about ever since. The ball count is 6-6, with each player needing 2 balls. Match-wise, the shooter is on the hill, with the opponent needing 2 games. This is NOT an autopsy of John's...
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    Breaking from your natural side

    On a 4" pocketed table (tight, not 4.5") paired with someone who might have problems bending over due to age, weight or back problems, is there anyone out there who feels that breaking to your unnatural side (shooting across your body) is justified based on how a table might favor that one side...
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    Describe Your Bank Pool Style

    I just wanted to start a thread to give people the opportunity to share their thoughts on their bank pool style. What is your thought process when you start a game, based on their ability level--- are you a one ball at a time player (attempted shot and CB safety every inning), do you attempt...