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  1. Voodoo Daddy

    Pray for the Monster

    "Monster" John Rouse had a stroke in the past 48 hours, and after many tests it may be way worse than this...more to come. Please add him to your nightly, any little bit helps.
  2. Voodoo Daddy

    Geographic Bias

    Being a lil younger than the elder statesmen on the forum, I enjoy the stories, banter and the correction upon correction of one another...its a fuggin riot!!! But I just read a post about RA and AB and Bensingers was mentioned as the best pool room in the country. One of the West Coast guys was...
  3. Voodoo Daddy

    Its been 8 yrs...

    I found this on a pool room website. Its been along time since I tried this, maybe its time for round 2?
  4. Voodoo Daddy

    Rumor Control?

    I just got a call from one of my "detective" friends that told me he heard the following. That RONNIE ALLEN was promoting a One Pocket tournament @ the Hard Rock in Ft Lauderdale in November of this yr. Anyone hear about this?
  5. Voodoo Daddy

    Keene,NH/Brattleboro,VT area rooms?

    Ill be in that area next weekend {8/14-16} and may wanna hit some balls, any info?
  6. Voodoo Daddy

    Am I old enought to be here?

    After seeing the Senior One Pocket thread {of which I think is a great idea} I have to wonder if Im old enough to be posting. Maybe and AARP indentification card should be present at sign in?:D Having said all that {laughing} Im just popping in to inform the few that know me that Im going on a...
  7. Voodoo Daddy

    Michigan rooms?

    As soon as my condo sells, I'm Michigan bound. Family already there and I wanna hit some pool rooms on the east side of the state. Any suggestions?
  8. Voodoo Daddy


    Not what I wanted to post tonight but here it is;
  9. Voodoo Daddy

    Houston 2006

    After months of trying to make it happen, my move to New England has been offically squashed. Everything in my life steered me in a different in March of 2006 I will be making my move to Houston, Texas!!! I was wondering if anyone on the board had a clock on the town...not knock...
  10. Voodoo Daddy

    Just saw the Steve Cook page...

    Brought back fond memories from my youth watchin' him play some of the best pool I ever seen <minus his powderpuff 9-Ball break>. Man did he have control of snowy...made me smile. :D
  11. Voodoo Daddy

    Parting with some wood

    I have 4 cues for sale; 1]Searing Purpleheart House cue conversion, big pin w/implex flat faced joint. 19.2oz. one shaft 13.25MM tip 2]Searing Ebony half joint cue, four pointer w/Hoppe style ring. 19.3 oz. w/ shafts...Ivory ferrules and lil over 13MM 3]Bludworth, One of One ebony with...
  12. Voodoo Daddy

    Eurowest cue for sale

    Birdseye forearm with a ebony butt sleeve, 1 shaft..13MM w/LePro tip and ageis ferrule. Cue is straight and the hit very solid. I bought it for someone and now they have no money <story of my life>. $300 shipped
  13. Voodoo Daddy

    I'm thinking about another 1-pocket Tour..

    I have been mulling this over since my 2001 tour. This time I think I want to have 4 LARGE tournaments leading up to the US Open 1 Pocket tournament. I would like to cut the country up into regions for the four events and once a player wins he has automatic entry in the Us Open event out of the...
  14. Voodoo Daddy

    Rhode Island/Mass/Conn.?

    Looking to relocate to the N/E next summer. Hows the tournament situation up there? Weekly events, Joss Tour...anything? Voodoo~~~been gone long enough!! :cool: