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    Rules question!

    I was Commenting on the conversation it had me reflect back to the game that I reflecting on but in the same breath I don't understand how a ball pocketed with the individuals hand commutes to a legally pocketed ball foul or not, which I thought was the case my bad thanks anyway
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    Rules question!

    Chicago Mike and Whitey a scenario similar to the one you are discussing happen at the LA open early 90s I was there many great players were their of today young Shannon Dalton Hawaiian Bryan Texas Blood Dennis Hatch just to name a few also the match I'm going to refer to was the match...
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    Rules Update Conversation

    Bob I agree with you there's nothing wrong with the brake. To continue your inning you must pocket a ball. One pocket is the only game that's required not to make a ball not good. In tournament play use a tournament director or referee or the opponent to rack the balls. The rack can be...
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    Rules: who wins the game

    OK here we go again you wouldn't believe how many guys play the game and don't know the rules I don't know them all but I know how to look them up here's what happened Saturday night late night action the game is a race to three for 200 player A go's to 8 player B go's to 7 both players won two...
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    Rules verification

    I need a little help I've seen this happen many times and handle many different ways I was watching the West Coast swing the year 17 Shane playing tony a race to ten for ten and about 2 hours 15 minutes in part 1 shane has 5balls and tony scratch, he has no balls to pay,all 10 balls are behind...
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    Diamond table at the derby 2017!

    Ha cats I was watching a match between Dennis vs Darren at the derby2017, for the second time and one thing jump out at me were the balls. The game is one hole! Maybe someone can help me understand yea I need help!I haven't seen or heard any talk of this but I saw balls been pocketed, object...
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    Tony and Dennis

    How would you handicap this match!