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    66 entries. Evelyn says will be playing until around 5 AM. :eek:
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    Birthday....Birthday....John Long

    happy b-day pal! :)
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    Ruslan Chinahov

    just watched the last day of 14.1 championship..... this cat is scary good. i don't know how he has made out in the one pocket event at DCC in the past (think he has been going for a couple years), but if this guy gets some seasoning/schooling at it (don't imagine they play much one hole in...
  4. Miller

    WWYD - Player A vs Player B

    Ball count is 4 - 0 in favor of Player B. Player A to shoot. WWYD? :confused: :)
  5. Miller

    2014 MIH - Hohmann v SVB

    since the 9/11 conspiracies (plural) have been put to's something tin foil caps necessary....;) ---------- 2014 MIH at Sandcastle - Thorsten Hohmann v Shane Van Boening - exchange of a couple moves.... First rack, ball count 1-1, Hohmann to shoot. WWYD...
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    happy b-day airport jim….. :D (63....? you gotta be kidding....look like a fit 45....just a well oiled machine i guess....;)) have a great day pal.
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    happy b-day vap! enjoy all your stuff. have a good one old timer.....;) :)
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    Predator 8K-1
  9. Miller

    Dcc updates

    heard there are 500 bank entries.....:eek: hope you guys can throw out some updates occasionally....:p
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    Miller/LSJohn Book for 2019 DCC

    Miller/LSJohn Book for 2019 DCC Field Wagers Maximum bet will pay you $500. This is our maximum exposure for any player. (For example, if we receive $25 action on a player in the 20/1 category, betting on that player is closed.) Minimum Wager: $10 These wagers are marked in red. 3/1 Alex...
  11. Miller

    Ghost v Henderson Action - Miller Book

    Cover the Ghost for $300. $20 minimum, take some or take it all..... Confirmed here. ;)
  12. Miller

    The simple simple truth

    Four point plan from the school of Crabb Man and Miller….. Here’s the simple truth: (1) Tourneys need to either (A) start a day earlier -or- (B) start early the first day (2) You have to play 2 rounds on both the loser and winner side the first day (for a 2 day regional event, you have to...
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    Senior Lines/Miller Book Thread

    Seniors Winner Action. Lines as listed below. I’ll accept wagers - minimum $20, maximum $100. Anything filled to $100 is closed and will be marked in red. All wagers to be placed here and confirmed prior to draw. Bill Fuller – 12/1 (NA - No Wagers) Jerry Matchin – 4/1 Tony Cantnese – 12/1...
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    haven't seen matt daiber on here for a while..... anyone else in milwaukee area? quick internet search looks like romine's might be the place?
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    Birthday Birthday Steve

    steve, thanks for the coolest place in cyberspace. have a great day. happy b-day! :)
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    Birthday Birthday Hendy

    happy b-day john! :)
  17. Miller

    predator production cue new predator cue - let me know asap if you want it "miller payment plan" available for members....;) :)
  18. Miller

    WWYD - Bustamante v O'Neal - 2016 DCC

    Bustamante up 2-0. Ball count 0-0. O'Neal at the table. WWYD? :confused::)
  19. Miller

    WWYD - #2 - Daulton v Hall - 2015 DCC

    still the third rack. ball count as posted 7-6 hall. daulton at the table and in a tough spot. WWYD? :):confused:
  20. Miller

    WWYD - #1 - Daulton v Hall - 2015 DCC

    third rack. 1 game each. wedge game. 12 balls nestled up on hall's top pocket. a few innings later...... ball count as shown 3-2 daulton who is at the table. WWYD? :):confused: