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  1. unoperro

    Quick Banks game

    So you are in the 1 area of the country where they still play 14.1 and you want them to play banks? OMG😜 I believe they played banks down south because 14.1 math was too hard because not everyone has 14 toes.😉
  2. unoperro

    Donn vs. Rich 1 - wwyd

    Thats old school. Simply ask,Brazillian,landing strip,or rainforest as you raise 1 eyebrow😉
  3. unoperro

    Johnny "Irish" Lineen

    Jimmy Moore had a huge slip stroke😉
  4. unoperro

    A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

    This from my fave niece
  5. unoperro

    A foul gives incoming player 1 free shot?

    So you guys wanting to speed up the game....crickets🙄
  6. unoperro

    A foul gives incoming player 1 free shot?

    I am against changing the rules. I did see a 8ball game played where after a foul incoming player got a free shot. Meaning you could shoot to move a ball or balls without pocketing anything,and then you got another turn. On your second turn you had to legally pocket a ball to continue...
  7. unoperro

    Rules Update Conversation

    The unsportsman act of touching 2 balls because he pktd your ball is moot . Only balls pocketed on a scratch or cueball off the table get spotted.
  8. unoperro

    Rules Update Conversation

    Darmoose I hope you realize you are advocating for roll out 1 pkt. ?
  9. unoperro

    My newest of my new videos

    No, Tom you hit them real sporty.
  10. unoperro

    My newest of my new videos

    Great video. 1 question at 3 minutes the stack is sitting in a ridiculous position. Its not natural. This slip by you?
  11. unoperro

    Mkbtank’s Pics from the Derby

    Good pics! Billy I. Looks good🙂
  12. unoperro

    Derby city

    I think he played the kiss. I think he got lucky to be able see enough of the ball to move the ball,and have it laying just right for the kiss off.😉
  13. unoperro

    Derby city

    Come on guys, someone is doing well in a race to 3 format,and we have a shifting of the echelon?
  14. unoperro

    Derby city

    He better be 21😉
  15. unoperro

    Of venery,venaria, not veneria.

    So to be clear this muse is on the collective nouns that denote groups of animals , not sexual intercourse. Recently I learned of pegs,cobs,and cygnets,all terms for swans. I had known that murder was a term for a group of crows so I googled why? Not surprisingly I found many had asked the same...
  16. unoperro

    WWYD end game no shot

    TW is adamant about kicking in these situations. I have to believe he has practiced these enough to be confident it is the right shot for him. Maybe others need to practice kicking more, or TW needs to play more on tables that roll off😉
  17. unoperro

    2 balls on spot,aka as Sleeping in the park shot.

    Thanks Tom for posting the youtube videos and for your reply. Bob thanks for your insight. I am glad that my feeling that trying this with draw is easier. I had such a bad time with the other versions that I was wondering wth. I have banked the back ball in as well as banked the front ball in ...
  18. unoperro

    2 balls on spot,aka as Sleeping in the park shot.

    As I posted shooting with draw works well,the other methods not so much. Hope Tom, or Bob chime in.
  19. unoperro

    2 balls on spot,aka as Sleeping in the park shot.

    So after watching Tom's great vids I decided to try the make the back ball bank,both versions. As I only got decent results about every tenth time I decided I didn't like either option. I do have pretty good sucess with the draw shot to make the headball and often pocket both. So my question is...