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    Hollywood Jack One Pocket Memorial

    Jay Helfert is hosting the Hollywood Jack Memorial One Pocket tournament. Which will be held in Los Angeles at Hollywood Billiards. Can someone post the details. Entry Fee and is the field open or limited? Dates and time as well.
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    DCC Hook Up

    Am at the matches now. Shane VB in his first bank match today took off his opponent in 3 to 0. THis kid can bank too? I cant wait to see him play one hole. Already he and Ronnie Wiseman were woofing. Ronnie will play him even if he gets 2 to 1 on the money. $400 to $200. No deal says SVB...
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    Chohan vs Bartram

    Hey guys will you go over to The Action Report and get the CHohan/Bartram match. Its out on DVD and it is worth it. T Rex shows a lot of firepower and proves why he is ready to take Efren's place (as soon as he is willing to give it) as the top one pocket player in America. He has so much...
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    Orcullo/Deuel match on DVD

    I suggest you go immediately to The Action Report and buy the Orcullo/Deuel match on DVD. I in no way have a relationship with these guys but the DVD is great. This is what we need. Im tired of the tournament Derby City race to 3. (I have every year). This is the next higher step...
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    Danny Diliberto/BCA Hall Of Fame

    Well they finally got around to nominate one of the greatest champions this sport has ever known. Our man Danny. He has beaten many of those already in the Hall of Fame. Go Danny, Go!
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    We need more one pocket tapes

    Last week I talked with Pat Fleming. He told me that on the Derby matches he was coming out with 3 DVD's with 2 matches on each disc. I was disappointed as I knew a lot more was played at the Derby particularly on the tv table. Some money matches as well. I know that it costs Pat a lot of...
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    Hard Times First of the Month

    Can anyone tell me the results of the Hard Times One Pocket events last weekend. In Sac and Bellflower.
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    Hard Times Tournament???

    Does anyone have the results of the Sacramento Hard Times One Pocket tourney? I hear our Wayne P came in second to Tang Hoa down in the Los Angeles Hard TImes
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    What about Losing

    We've all talked about victory. But what about Defeat. How do you deal with it. Poker playing instruction deals with "playing on tilt". Last nite I played with the best player in my room and he drilled me so bad I couldnt play anyone else that evening. I was "Playing on tilt". The worse...
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    South Dakota

    Ill be in Rapid City in June for business. Any good places to play in? What about Deadwood?
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    Since the AZ website seems to be down can you guys in Louisville post here for updates on matches and action? I know youre on the phone JAM so any info you could give would be helpful. THANKS!!!!!!
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    Last night Efren played a match game giving a local player 13 to 6 for some jellybeans. He showed why he is the best one pocket player alive today for the cabbage. He ran out from nowhere running 8's, 9's, and 10's. With his opponent needing one ball that sat in front of his hole. Where can...
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    Do You Rack Your Own

    Do you rack for yourself on your break? I noticed this has been the trend. The other day I saw an old timer stop a young guy from racking his own break and the old timer wouldnt let him. He said that wasnt the way he was brought up to play the game. I have learned to tilt the rack slightly...
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    Grady's Event/One Pocket Rules

    Hi Grady can you tell me if you are going to have rules concerning speeding up one pocket play. i.e. spotting up balls in the kitchen. How does it work? Thanks. I hope to be there. How do the rest of you feel about this rule.
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    2004 Derby City Accustat tapes

    I just viewed all the one pocket tapes from Accustats from the 2004 Derby. GET THEM! For any one hole fan this is the next best thing to being there. There are 6 Efren Reyes tapes and you will learn a lot just by watching. The commentary is also great with Danny Diliberto. The premier match...