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  1. sheldon

    3 fouls, how common?

    A game I was playing was won on 3 fouls recently, first time I've seen it happen in one pocket. I was wondering how often others have seen it come up?
  2. sheldon

    Crazy game

    I'm playing my buddy, and have him 6 to -1 and I miss. He runs 8 and has an easy bank for his game ball, and jaws it. Spots the one he owes, and it looks like this: I make the bank, and don't think I can follow the 9, so I jack up and blast the cue ball off of the 9 and onto the floor. He goes...
  3. sheldon

    Interesting situation

    You have a ball frozen to the rail, and another ball frozen to the ball on the rail. Are both balls considered frozen (dead to that rail), or just the one touching it? I guess this situation came up recently in a pro 9 ball match, and they decided both balls were considered frozen to the rail. I...
  4. sheldon

    Call the hit Took this with my phone, we determined it was good, looking at it on the phone, but now that I look at it on my computer, I'm not so sure.
  5. sheldon

    My first break and run

    I was waiting for an opponent to get ready to play, and decided to try breaking from the opposite side I normally break from..... made a ball on the break, and proceeded to run 7 more! :D I think it felt better than running 5 racks of 9 ball. :D Can't wait to do it again in a match.
  6. sheldon

    West Coast Challenge Player Interviews

    My friend Carissa did some interviews. Chohan Thorsten Part 1 Thorsten Part 2
  7. sheldon

    Answer this break

    I never get a roll! :rolleyes: I hit the break really bad, end up like this: It's your shot, WWYD?
  8. sheldon

    Accustats videos

    I am taking advantage of a deal I read about in the 1pocket forum. 10 DVDs for $100 from accu stats, and was looking for suggestions on bank pool videos. If anyone knows of some stand-out matches, please let me know! :)...
  9. sheldon

    WWYD tough leave

    Ball count 1-0, you. Your shot, your pocket is top left/bottom right.
  10. sheldon

    What would you do?

    My shot, 4 balls in front my opponent's pocket! He's got one down already.