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    Headed to Kansas today

    Hey there...any local players wanna meet over at Shooters in Olathe for some action!!! Come on out! While my wife is visiting with friends I’m gonn be playing some pool. I’ll be there about 3pm. PM me if you would like.
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    double kiss shot

    Pretty sweet!
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    One pocketeers near Sarasota FL?

    Thanks Doc!
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    One pocketeers near Sarasota FL?

    Thanks...looking forward to it.
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    One pocketeers near Sarasota FL?

    Sweet! Maybe I’ll bump into them.
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    Member only tournament

    Nice! I’ll do the salad bar with it.
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    One pocketeers near Sarasota FL?

    Any one pocketeers near Sarasota/Nokomis in Florida? Headed there tomorrow through Tuesday.
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    Member only tournament

    Any action at Fast Eddie's or just the smell of Banana Boat sun screen?
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    What's everybody doing within or outside of the parameters of our lockdown?

    Looks like you all have been up to some productive living and are capable of overachieving once you get your butts out of the pool rooms! At the beginning of this thing our local food pantry reached out looking to align with photographers for family porch project pictures. So far i've taken pics...
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    Ghost vs. John 54 wwyd?

    I see you are obviously playing during this Covid time...we will absolutely have to adjust in my favor when we play again. That being said I play the 8 off the 13 sending both to my hole. CB back to the area it is currently at.
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    Happy Bday Donn...hope you got all the good rolls.
  12. C members I've met, played, and gambled with - 2020 update

    I saw a post today on FB that Chris's is open for minimal capacity of players(10). Hopefully we will be back at it soon to work off the ring rust.
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    MOT Chicago refund money?

    Ok...I'll send. I got my money back from the other tournament a while ago.
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    Bad mental habits or bad luck? The Ego and luckiest game in the world.

    Great post John...makes perfect sense that it would come from you since you are a cerebral kind of guy. I think it's alot of one's personality and where they come from in life...passed experiences, encounters, how you handled them, things you have had to endure and how you got through. I might...
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    MOT Chicago refund money?

    Ok John...will do. Stay well!
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    MOT Chicago refund money?

    That’s good stuff! Been here for about 12 years and most of my family is within about a 5 minute drive. It’s been a good community to live in.
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    MOT Chicago refund money?

    Ok you got it Cory...stay well! Hope to see you and everyone else soon.
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    MOT Chicago refund money?

    Who else wants their money back? PM me your name and your email address unless you want me hold it until the next tournament. I don’t have everyone’s PayPal address or home addresses. Most have got it back. Please check the paid player list if unsure if you got your refund. Thank you and stay well.
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    Isolation Pool Tournaments

    I wonder if different pocket sizes are a consideration for playing the ghost.