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    Happy Birthday to GulfPortDoc

    Happy Belated Happy Belated Sorry I'm late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Doc. I tried getting you a pizza cake, but I couldn't find any (thank God). Enjoy, Clare.
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    Happy Fashionista

    I was so thrilled to get a beautiful new shirt in the mail today. It was the Ghost's "one pocket" shirt. I must say that it is one very nice shirt--I love the quality and the simplicity of the design. It is a very classy addition to my existing wardrobe. Kudos to the Ghost on a superb line.
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    The Ghost Is Censored!

    Pool Couture Pool Couture I was not trying to agitate. But as a fashion conscious female, I just wanted to make sure that I had the newest and hippest pool couture. I LOVE Freddy's shirts. I have one of each style. Show me yours. ( no double entendre, Ghost)
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    great female player

    I thought that maybe some of you here on the forum might be interested in knowing about my good friend, Jeannie Vogelsang. Jeannie just came in 2nd in the ladies' 9-ball at Olathe this past weekend. She is a great player and has a serious commitment to pool. You might be able to see more at...