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  1. johnnytronic

    Bad mental habits or bad luck? The Ego and luckiest game in the world.

    If you put any energy/focus towards the other guys rolls and luck--You are looking for an excuse to lose! It steals the proper mental energy you need to execute and play consistently well...IME. This whining and bad attitude stays with you into the next inning--I presume a small amount of...
  2. johnnytronic

    In Fort Lauderdale tonight maybe tomorrow night as well- any players in the area or can reccomend a pool hall

    These came up when I searched pool halls near me.
  3. johnnytronic

    In Pilly Del Feee yaaa at the Logan Hotel

    We’re at the Logan. There’s a 10’ pool table in the library of this hotel. Maybe we can do some pre matches?
  4. johnnytronic

    One pocket handi-cap rating & comparison system

    I've been working on this for awhile. Some players have been asking me to release this because they want to know how the spots work without investing too much money. The most important concept to gather from this document is the relationship between the handicaps--that you see why one is better...
  5. johnnytronic

    Cyclops vs vintage centenials vs Aramith

    I had this idea to put at least a little bit of science behind what people "believe or think" is the reason they are getting these and those results. ChicagoMike and I were playing one pocket during the Henderson and Ghost match, I was getting a fair spot. I was beating him pretty bad but had...
  6. johnnytronic

    Streaming & recording devices what works best with in a reasonable budget

    Have been seeing this brand for a couple years now, first time seeing it at Derby. Went to the no master's tourney at Shooters in WI. Alex Shap was using it, streaming directly to his FB page. I would say the results were very good. I was looking at a go pro because I have some of their...
  7. johnnytronic

    Original SightRight Snooker and Billiards Pool Sighting Aid

    Was hoping some one had this laying around. I want to test something with my eye's and this may or may not offer some helpful feedback.
  8. johnnytronic

    Florida, Melbourne, Brevard county

    Going to be in FL over the weekend, brought my cue. Interested in doing cheap sets. However if gambling is not your thang. Good practice is my priority. Highly susceptible to being hustled. I’m from Chicago.
  9. johnnytronic

    Kamui clear black tips, worn in but "better"

    Most of my pool playing experience had me leaning towards whippy small diameter shafts with medium tips, then immediately gravitating towards a predator Zshaft when it was launched years ago. However, I always felt as any tip wore down and became "harder" or closer to the ferrule that I liked it...
  10. johnnytronic

    Handicaps list: Why how & when & some creativiy

    Being at the level I'm at, which is essentially "somewhere in the middle" I constantly find myself in underdog matches against the players I need to beat in order to know "Hey I'm a little better this year" :cool: I would like to compile a logical organized list of handicaps, my experience...
  11. johnnytronic

    Consistency issues in the game

    I "try" to be true to myself and know the limitations of my game and the ability to pocket balls--control the cue ball etc.... What I'm starting to conclude is that not just me but a loooot of players must over estimate their ability to pocket balls in this game. Pros and novices alike. :cool...