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    9/6 vs 11/7

    Gentlemen, I need some advice. I’ve never matched up with a real good one pocket player before. I was originally offered 10/7 and I countered with 10/6. He countered with 11/7 for $$$$ and I feel like I might have a halfway decent chance at that but not sure. My question is would you guys...
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    Rules question!

    Please help me settle a dispute, rules experts. If I’m shooting a ball, and in my haste knock a different ball with my hand, which happens to go into my opponent’s pocket, what is the result? None of the other balls on the table would have altered the path of the ball I knocked in.
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    My most memorable bank pool game!

    About a dozen years ago at the DCC, (the last year at the Executive West), I was fortunate to grab a table Friday morning to prepare for the Bank event. Playing on Gold Crowns mostly, I was trying to get as much warm up time as possible. Some gentleman had come up to warm up as well and after...
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    Willie Munson stories

    Hey guys, I’m hoping some of you could help me out. In October, Willie Munson is being inducted into the inaugural class for the Wisconsin Billiards Hall of Fame. Every inductee chose someone to present/introduce them. Willie asked me to introduce him. While I’m honored and can share some...
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    Starting Round 11

    Going in to Round 11 down to 8 players below with only Jayson Shaw undefeated still. What a tourney he's having! Jayson Shaw vs Shannon Murphy Efren Reyes vs Neils Feijen Alex Pagulayan vs Dennis Orcollo Corey Deuel vs Mike Davis Who do you like from here? They have been playing a healthy...
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    3 left in the Banks

    John Brumback is taking on Alex Olinger with Jayson Shaw getting the bye. John has 0 losses, but Alex and Jayson have used their buybacks. John already has used a bye, so if Alex wins he gets a bye to the finals waiting on Jayson and John. But if John wins, its John vs Jayson in the finals...
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    Overdue inductees

    Is there gong to be nominations for the Hall of Fame this year? I'm wondering if Johnny "Irish" or Clem Metz will ever get in???
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    Jump bank?

    An odd situation came up the other day playing some bumps. I played a 2 way bank shot, missed, and my opponent comes to the table and proceed to dig out his jump cue for a bank shot. 1) Are jump cues allowed in bank pool? 2) Have you ever seen anyone or you yourself played a jump bank...
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    RIP John "Bankin" McGhee

    A bank pool player by the name John McGhee passed away this morning in Milwaukee, WI. He had honed his skilles in Chicago and was able to stay under cover most of his life. He was a character to say the least. Just one of many that we have been losing. RIP John, you will be missed.
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    Best US player?

    This goes out to mainly Lenny or SJD since they know the Freezer the best. Has Scott asked Shane to match up in even up One pocket lately and if so, has Shane been interested? I'm envisioning/dreaming of a side match at Tunica this summer that's something longer than a race to 4....
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    Fair adjustment

    I have been playing a friend of mine some cheap one pocket giving him 9-7 and the breaks. He's got a good break, knows the game and shots well, but unfortunately getting up there in years and can't execute that well (not a big threat to run 7 and out). I'm up a little and would like to...
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    Best Super Senior 1 Pocket player?

    For all our wise members here, in your opinion who plays the best 1 hole that is at least 70 years old? 75 years old? I hope I don't ruin anyone's action, but its not like any of these guys are new kids on the block.;) In honor of the 50th anniversary of Johnson City, maybe there should be...
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    Big One Pocket Tourney in 2 Weeks!!!

    For any One Pocket Player that lives within five hundred miles of the Wisconsin Dells, you're not gonna want to miss this....... (From AZ Billiards: At Ho-Chunk Casino Wisconsin Dells. Played on 9 ft. Diamond Tables. taking entries untill the day of the event. $2,500 added garaunteed. race to...